Germany Becoming Navalny’s Place of Treatment Is Not a Coincidence

Political strategist Marat Bashirov believes that Aleksey Navalny’s illness has only two possibilities. “If this is not an accident,” the expert explains, then we are talking about a non-obvious case against Russia. Bashirov revealed the main goal of the game: to take us out of the Belarusian case.

“Concerning Navalny, there are only two options,” said political strategist Marat Bashirov, expressing his point of view on the author’s information and analytical Telegram channel “Politjoystic”.

According to the expert, it is either a banal accident or a game against Russia – to take us out of the Belarusian “case” through the situation with Navalny. The latter is not obvious at first glance, but given the recent events in the Republic and the desire of Russia’s opponents to bury Nord Stream 2, it becomes quite likely.

“If this is not an accident – sushi or a weight loss program, then it is definitely an attempt to take Russia out of the game in the Belarusian case, multiplied by the NS-2 gas project, which some people need to sink in the Baltic Sea,” the expert said.

Bashirov draws attention to the fact that this is precisely the reason for the choice of the country where Navalny was taken – Germany. Berlin, as the political strategist notes, is interested in the truth, because this is the answer for it concerning how to behave in both cases.

“And the fact that the Kremlin gave Navalny away suggests that it is also interested in the truth,” the expert continued, pointing out that this is why Navalny is heavily guarded by the Bundeswehr, and comments by Jaka Bizilj from Cinema for Peace, which is funded by the Rothschilds, and articles from the yellow German newspaper Bild. The latter, we recall, were full of headlines and tests, where the idea that the blogger was allegedly poisoned by the order of the Kremlin was like a red thread.

However, as Tsargrad learned from an informed source, President Vladimir Putin was even going to offer to treat Navalny in the Kremlin hospital or in one of the best hospitals in the world – the Cuban hospital in Doha. However, after receiving a letter from Navalny’s wife Yuliya, this idea was abandoned.


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