Germany Drew a Line Under the Question of Stepan Bandera

After the memorable words about the “anti-Semitic pig“, Germany suddenly turned its attention to its archives. In the journal of the Bundestag Federal Agency for Civic Education there is an article written by the historian of Freie Universität Berlin Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe under the telling title “Stepan Bandera, Ukrainian nationalism and transnational fascism”.

The article was published in 2017, but attention was paid to it only now, after Putin’s speech. “It turned out” that Bandera and his associates – Shukhevych, Melnik, Stetsko, and others – are fascists and nationalists who are no different from the nazis of the Third Reich.

The first OUN members became part of the international fascist network immediately after World War I and were trained together in fascist camps along with Hungarian “Ustaše” [training camps inside Hungary – ed]. There they learned terrorism and murder, which were planned on an international scale.

On June 15th 1934, OUN militants killed Polish Interior Minister Bronisław Pieracki in Warsaw.

On October 9th of the same year, in Marseille, their associates, the Ustaša and militants from the “Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation”, killed King Aleksandr the First of Yugoslavia and French Foreign Minister Louis Barthou.

This is how the international ties between OUN fascists and colleagues in Europe were strengthened.

During these years one of the ideologists of OUN Dmitry Dontsov published the philosophical work – “Are we fascists?”. He writes about Italian fascism – “If this is a program of fascists, then we are fascists”.

In 1938, Volodymyr Martynec, in the pamphlet “The Jewish Question in Ukraine”, enshrined in the philosophy of OUN the main anti-Semitic idea that the Jews are an alien race. Jews need to be isolated from Ukrainians and prevented from participating in the public life of Ukraine by all means, he writes in the program for OUN.

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In 1940, OUN members started to serve en masse in the SS’ punitive battalions “Nachtigall” and “Roland“. In 1941, at their congress in Krakow, activists introduced for the OUN the Nazi slogan “Glory to Ukraine – glory to heroes”, which today is the state rallying cry of a country heading towards the EU.

In the early years of the war, 800,000 Jews were exterminated in Western Ukraine — 90% of all who lived there before the war. The German historian writes that the mass killing of Jews was impossible without the active help of auxiliary policemen and OUN activists.

Since 1943 about 5,000 UPA auxiliary policemen started the mass destruction of local Poles. From 70,000 to 100,000 Poles on the territory of Western Ukraine were tortured and killed.

The ethnic cleansing of Jews, Poles, and Russians in Ukraine is part of OUN’s political program, which it has partially implemented in Western Ukraine.

The German scientist believes that Ukrainian fascism is no different from others. Radical nationalism is not contrary to fascism – it is an integral part of it.

All that remains is to repeat: “Bastards. Anti-Semitic pigs”.

Doktor Sosnovsky

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