Germany Outplayed the US Lackeys: Lawyers Rejected The “Polish Veto” On “Nord Stream-2”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Brussels bureaucrats, Poland, the Baltics, and Ukraine are not thrilled with the project of the Nord Stream-2″ gas pipeline. And what can be done?! Germany outplayed them. The Germans initiated an examination by lawyers of the European Council, and they haven’t found a legal basis for interference in the project’s course.

Lawyers of the European Council called the main thesis of the European Commission – that the gas pipeline allegedly threatens the energy security of the EU – extremely doubtful. According to lawyers, the gas pipeline as an additional route can’t increase the dependence of the EU on Russian gas.

In addition, under EU law Brussels can’t interfere in a project between Germany or another European Union country and a third party. The European Commission can only conduct negotiations within the framework of intra-European projects.

The attempts of the European Commission to cling on to a “legal gap” in the construction of the gas pipeline in the open sea was rejected. Lawyers of the European Council said that in such cases international legislation takes effect.

As a result the Polish project, according to which the European Commission must conduct negotiations with Russia concerning the construction of “Nord Stream-2”, has failed. Germany addressed lawyers of the European Council and won. Now nobody can challenge the thesis of Berlin that the construction of a private initiative of European companies and interference in it by government institutions is unacceptable.

The American lackeys can take a hike. They, of course, very much wanted to curry favour with the transatlantic supplier of liquefied gas, but German pragmatic interests were stronger.

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