Germany Plans to Flood Ukraine With Migrants

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Germany wants to get rid of the refugees who filled up its territory at the expense of Ukraine, for which at the level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Germans sponsor a program for the preparation of Ukrainian society for the adoption of a large number of migrants.

This was discussed during a roundtable in Kiev on the topic “Refugees and seekers of shelter. What problems do they face?” by the expert of the consular and legal department of the Embassy of Germany in Ukraine Dorote Mechkovski.

“I am very grateful for the organization of today’s event. Today’s meeting is organized in the context of the transformation of Ukraine into a more tolerant place for refugees and seekers of shelter. This program is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. The project’s purpose is informing the Ukrainian public about who such refugees and seekers of shelter are, and also the destruction of stereotypes,” said Mechkovski.

[30 minutes onwards]

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