Germany Started to “Reassess” the Leningrad Blockade

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The ultimate goal of the information war against Russia is the absolute dehumanisation of our people and its demonisation, in the light of which any actions taken against it will be recognised not only as absolutely admissible, but also as absolutely necessary.

In the 18th-20th centuries in Europe and the US exploitation and slavery and (or) the destruction of the “primitive” people were justified initially from a religious, and then also from a “scientific” point of view.

Thus, for example, the “need” to turn Africans into slaves was explained by the bible legend about the damnation to which Noah subjected his son Ham, whose children had to be at the service of Shem and Japeth. And their genocide was also explained by the bible description of how Jehovah enjoined the Jews to exterminate all the Canaanites living on the promised land (American settlers and other Anglo-Saxon colonialists like to compare themselves with the Jews who left Egypt and who went to the Holy Land).

“Savages” (the African and Asian people, Indians) were depicted as absolute monsters and cannibals who have nothing human, and explained that for them it will only be better if white people take away their lands and riches for themselves and turn them into slaves or destroy them in general – because such a life is a burden even for them. I don’t joke and I don’t exaggerate: in the 19th century in Europe there were some “works” of this sort. Actually, the Nazis didn’t invent anything new, having taken as a basis the “works” of Anglo-Saxon and French theorists.

And all of this in a slightly changed, softer, and “politically correct” form laid the foundations of the ideas of Eurocentrism, which is the basic ideology of the West and is kneaded with flagrant racism, as was the case 50 years ago, albeit in a slightly modified form.

Coming back to the “Russian question” that outright disturbs the West, it should be noted that information fighters against Russia face two main problems. The first of them is that Russians and most other people occupying our country are white. I.e., they belong to the Caucasian race and are Europeans, and they are much more pronounced than many inhabitants of Western and Central Europe. I.e., we don’t resemble the “savages cannibals” from Goebbels’ propaganda, and in today’s information era and the century of the Internet it is impossible to hide this fact. It is especially this that creates a serious obstacle for our dehumanisation in the consciousness of the inhabitants of the EU and the US.

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The second obstacle is the fact of the victory of our country over fascism and its rescue of Europe, which destroys the whole information “house of cards” of the depiction of Russia as an eternal source and center of absolute evil. And it is precisely this question that is today almost the main direction of the propaganda blow.

Today all the enemies of our country and people, both external and internal, try in every possible way to subject history and the results of World War II to revision. For the sake of this they even gave rise to a term that is monstrous in its off-the-scale cynicism – “cult of victory”.

Moreover, today German websites that in the past generally stayed aside have also connected to this revisionism.

Thus, the other day the German Süddeutsche Zeitung publication published an article in which the celebration of the this year’s anniversary of the lifting of the Leningrad blockade was subjected to severe criticism. The author of the material is the journalist Silke Bigalke.

In her opus she doesn’t name Hitler’s, Finnish, and Spanish (“Blue Division”) troops as the ones responsible for the large-scale tragedy and genocide that happened more than 70 years ago, but she does quite distinctly hint that the Soviet leadership, which didn’t hand over the city to the winner, bears responsibility for the death of people (from 600,000 to 1,500,000, according to different data).

She tries to disprove the opinion that the victims of the blockade gave their life in the fight for the victory of the Soviet people, because with such a statement the Russian government seeks to make their death “as though justified”. And such intentions of the Kremlin, according to Frau Bigalke, “belittle what happened, and this is dangerous”.

In reality, the author believes that people didn’t show any heroism, because their death from hunger was not their choice, which they were deprived of by the authorities.

In order to disprove this statement, it is possible to present the recent statement of the member of the Estonian parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee Oudekki Loone, who, as we understand, isn’t connected to the Kremlin [Estonia is an extremely Russophobic country – ed].

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Германия начала «переосмысление» Ленинградской блокады

The Estonian parliamentarian stated:

“The residents of this hero city gave everything during the blockade in order to preserve their beautiful house: although people died of cold and hunger, they preferred not to cut down trees in a botanical garden. Certain tropical trees, perhaps, would give a minute of heat, but in the end they wouldn’t save human lives. But caring for a botanical garden gave the residents of the city something invaluable: humanity. It is possible to think about the future and about others even during a blockade…

Got to Piskaryovskoye cemetery in St. Petersburg, listen to that classical music that plays 24 hours a day there, look at the huge stone plaques that cover one of the largest in history common graves. Think of those people, who are more than one million, who during the Siege of Leningrad fell for their city, their freedom, their land, and also for a peace future; so that in the future in their city there would be tropical trees and architecture surprising in its beauty. In order so that a future can exist”.

It is possible to give many other examples of a quite conscious choice and tremendous heroism. Let’s remember Daniil Ivanovich Kyutinen — the baker of besieged Leningrad who starved to death directly at work, but didn’t touch the bread that he baked. 

It is possible to remember the employees of the All Union Plant Growing Institute, who died of hunger, but didn’t touch a single Vavilov collection of breeding seeds. The workers of the Leningrad Zoo, who didn’t even think about eating their pets for the sake of their own survival. Moreover, they carried buckets from ice-holes on the River Neva, very often under shelling, warmed it up and poured it over a hippopotamus so that his skin didn’t dry up.

It is possible to give a thousand more examples confirming that the life of every Leningrad resident at that time was a feat, incredible and quite conscious – the feat of an old woman who rescued her cat, the feat of a person who gave their bread to a child. 

The “belobiletnik” [a person who is exempt from military service – ed] suffering from dystrophy, who carried out surveillance at an air defence post on the city roofs battered by shrapnel. And their actions were least of all connected to the instructions of the leadership.

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And now about the possibility of rescuing the residents of Leningrad at the price of handing over the city. First of all, we will note that if such a thing had happened, the Nazis, even if they had the desire, wouldn’t be able to feed and treat a population of a 1,000,000+ city dying of hunger and diseases. They simply didn’t have the “free” resources necessary for this purpose. As a reminder, in the autumn of ’41 they couldn’t even feed prisoners of war, most of who didn’t survive the horrible winter that followed.

And the Nazis weren’t going to feed Leningrad residents. Today the documents confirming the intention of the Nazis to destroy the population of the hero city are available. And those who today blame the Soviet leadership for not handing over Leningrad know this perfectly well, unlike the blockade survivors, who could only guess it.

As we know, until recently German propagandists avoided revising World War II, even during the global standoff of the 1950’s-1990’s. And the fact that today they received a green light to do it says that the information war against Russia comes nearer to its apogee. It’s not a coincide that the Leningrad blockade was chosen as the object of a provocation. This is one of the most horrible aspects of war, the memory of which still invokes terrible pain in the soul of our people.

Now it is possible to expect that the German and other western media will start writing that the heroism of our people is also a sign of their “beastly inhuman essence” connected “to a misunderstanding of the value of life” or even to “an absence of consciousness”. It is precisely such “explanations” that can be encountered in the memoirs of SS-men, which, undoubtedly, will be in demand among today’s propagandists. Western society is again prepared to start “punishing” Russians for crimes that they didn’t commit, and for those “beastly features” that were invented and attributed to us by propagandists.

In light of what is happening, the aspiration of some of our leaders to convince the West that it is mistaken about us and that “we are good” speaks at best about their non-professionalism and misunderstanding of the situation, and, therefore, about their dissonance with the post they hold.

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