“Get Out of Urals”: Picket Against Fifth Column Kara-Murza Outside Yeltsin Center

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



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On 14.01.2017, before the display of the “Nemtsov” movie in front of the “Yeltsin Center” a picket took place against the author of the movie, the federal coordinator of Open Russia Khodorkovsky, and the vice-president of PARNAS Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr., reported the correspondent of Nakanune.ru.

The “track record” of Kara-Murza include such shameful pages as cooperation with NATO, very active participation in Bolotnaya Maidan, providing to the State Department lists of Russian journalists whom America has to “punish”, and many other things, wrote the residents of Yekaterinburg who organized the picket.

"Ельцин-центр", открытие|Фото:https://www.facebook.com/elena.terebenina.5

“During the events devoted to Boris Nemtsov, the fifth column steadily accused the president of Russia Vladimir Putin of all possible crimes, including “ordering the murder of Nemtsov”. Kara-Murza’s task is the destabilization of the situation in Russia, and overthrowing the legally elected power. Taking into account the scale of activity of the western intelligence agencies and their agents of influence in the Urals, we can’t stay away from such phenomena, and we want to express our rejection of the arrival of Kara-Murza to Yekaterinburg as a picket before the screening of Nemtsov movie in the “Yeltsin Center,” it is said in an address of the organizers.

As was reported by Nakanune, on January 16th in the “Yeltsin Center” the display of other documentary – “Perm-36. Reflection” – is planned. The movie is about “the only museum in Russia devoted to the memory of the victims of political repressions”, located near Perm.

At an entrance of the “Yeltsin Center” Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr. was met by picketers.

Пикет против Кара-Мурзы|Фото:vk.com

“Go to Obama to lick his boots” – “Shame to fifth column” – ” Shekels of Khodorkovsky, get out of the Urals!”

He was faced with picketers with patriotic activists with posters near the “Yeltsin Center”

Пикет против Кара-Мурзы|Фото:vk.com

Vladimir Kara-Murza. How much does the State Department pay betrayers?! ” – “For patriots – 2017! For liberals – 1937” – “Activity of Kara-Murza must be banned”

Пикет против Кара-Мурзы|Фото:vk.com

Kara-Murza didn’t react to the activists when passing them.

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Кара-Мурза в Ельцин Центре|Фото:vk.com

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