Gilets Jaunes: This Is a Revolution, and It Will Continue Until Macron Leaves

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Paris on December 8th the mass “Gilets Jaunes” protests continued. The correspondent of “Strana” communicated with one of the participants of the protests by the name of the Stefan. He is a taxi driver from a suburb of Paris. Stefan says that it is a revolution and people want a Sixth republic.

“We protest because of money. The elderly can’t heat themselves or live. It’s very difficult. And for my daughter, my kids it’s the same, and for her parents. The average wage here is €1,100 per month. The minimum wage, without a job, is around €500. It’s impossible to live on. We want the average to be €1,600. We have a lot of tax in France – for energy, for fuel, for the house, for food, it is very expensive. Every month for a 4-person family around €600 is spent on heating. [Gilets Jaunes] it’s a movement – it’s a revolution. We want a Sixth republic – the end of the Fifth republic. We want a new Republic. We want Macron to resign; he thinks he’s the King, but such a thing no longer exists. We will continue these protests every weekend. Every weekend we will come here in our yellow jackets, to Paris. We hope to win. It’s difficult during Christmas, I have 2 daughters, it is difficult. I am a taxi driver”

said Stefan.

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