Girl Who Detonated Grenade to Escape Being Raped by Ukrainian Soldiers Was Sentenced to 14 Years in Jail

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


22-year-old Nadezhda Kozlova, who set off a grenade in 2014, escaping being raped by Ukrainian soldiers, was sentenced by the Ukrainian court in 2016 to 14 years – the girl who became an invalid needs treatment and help.

This was reported on the blog of the website of SPPU by the leader of the movement “Union of War Prisoners and Political Prisoners of Donbass”, the resigned Ukrainian police-colonel Galina Zaporozhtseva.

“Kozlova Nadezhda Petrovna, 19.07.1995 year of birth, native of Artemovsk of the Donetsk region, was detained on 08.09.2014 in Chasov Yar of the Artemovsk district of the Donetsk region. In February, 2016, she was sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment. She serves her sentence in the pre-trial detention center of Artemovsk,” wrote Zaporozhtseva.

According to her, in the 2014 drunk UAF soldiers dragged the then 19-year-old Nadezhda into a car and tried to gang rape her. However, the girl was not dazed and pulled out the pin of a grenade that was hanging on the side of one of them. As a result of the explosion one Ukrainian military serviceman died, and a second was seriously injured. The girl herself also severely suffered: her hand and leg were torn off.

In the judgment it is also specified that “as a result of the fragmental explosion on 09.09.2014 the accused Kozlova has injuries, a wound on the left forearm and shins: after amputation the upper third of the left forearm cannot be fitted with a prosthetic stump, fractures, chronic post-traumatic osteomyelitis of the left tibial bone of the fistulous form, deep paresis of the sole of the foot, a cartilaginous anchylosis of the ankle joints in equinus deformity; she does not move independently, she cannot service herself, she needs constant external supervision”.

Currently the condemned is tormented by phantom pains and she needs treatment and permanent care.

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“Union of War Prisoners and Political Prisoners of Donbass” appealed to the representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian subgroup of the Minsk contact group Viktor Medvedchuk with a request to assist in the release of Nadezhda Kozlova, who preferred death instead of rape, however, she managed to survive, having become an invalid.

“‘Union of War Prisoners and Political Prisoners of Donbass’ addresses you, as a participant of the subgroup on humanitarian issues of the trilateral contact group in Minsk, with the demand to resolve the issue of the rescue of the life of a political prisoner who is in a serious condition,” it is said in the appeal.

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