Glass Diploma Smashed Over the Head of A “Ukrainian Patriot” During Victory Day Festival in Slavyansk

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On May 4th during the festival “Memory Is Sacred”, which took place in the recreation center of Slavyansk [territory occupied by Kiev – ed], and was devoted to May 9th, there was an comical fight.

The confrontation took place between “activists of the ATO” who held a poster with the inscription “Korolevska, go back to the Kremlin” and provoked the audience, as well as one of the workers of the executive committee of Slavyansk.

During the fight the courageous woman smashed the glass of the wooden frame over the head of a “Ukrainian patriot”, picked up her diploma from the floor, and quietly went home.

The law enforcement officers who were present at the event were busy with solving the problem.

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