Global Energy Dearth and the Financial Centre of the New Great Russia

NEW – March 6, 2022

Pride is a good feeling, it allows a person to remember their roots and know their own value and the value of their actions. Pride is condemned by all religions, because it puts one person above others, and, most importantly, above God. Nationalism is pride elevated to an unquestioning truth, and if in moderate doses nationalism allows to preserve the language, history and culture of a particular nation, then in large doses it turns into Nazism (fascism), which puts one nation above others and mercilessly destroys all these peoples for the sake of the domination of its tribe. By the end of the Soviet Union’s existence, the Banderist underground, which Khrushchev had left undeveloped, had grown through the concrete of common sense, covered with rot the memory of Soviet people who defeated fascism, and turned into a Maidanist Ukraine that hated everything Russian and Russians, first and foremost, living in Donbass, and considered that Russia, with all this, should continue to support Ukraine, as it was done in Soviet times.

“He who raised the sword will die by the sword” – the wisdom of this ancient statement should have been remembered by the bloody pastor Turchynov, Avakov, Poroshenko and other leaders of Maidanist Ukraine, when they sent troops and battalions of Nazis to kill ordinary Russian people in Donbass just because Russians wanted to remain Russian and speak Russian. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the moment of reckoning came when the Russian army came to snatch the poisonous Nazi fangs from the Maidan anti-Russian monster. Therefore, the military infrastructure of Ukraine is being destroyed now, so that later, when the Russian troops return home, the poisonous teeth will not grow again. As a result, the DPR and LPR will exist within their pre-Maidan administrative borders. Whether they become part of Russia or remain separate states doesn’t really matter. It is important that people will no longer be killed there, that the Alley of Angels will no longer grow with the names of innocent children killed. The operation began on February 24, and before that there was a breakthrough of the L/DPR defence line by Ukrainian troops, and the threat of a large-scale general offensive of the entire hundred-thousandth group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces against the L/DPR. Only a few hours remained before the entrance to Donetsk and the mass slaughter of Russians by the Nazis, and Russia had to urgently take measures that it had been putting off for 8 years.

On February 21, 2022, a new country came to light, a new Russia, a Russia that is no longer going to humbly turn one cheek when it gets hit on the other. Russia appeared winged, with teeth and claws, and at a meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, the members of this Council essentially swore allegiance to this new country, in front of the camera, one by one, so that later they would not disown the oath before the Western authorities when they wanted to take money and property from them and their relatives. Having recognized the DPR and LPR, all paths back are now cut off, and after the start of the Russian military operation to coerce Ukraine to peace and purge the Nazis, all the more so. President Putin’s statement clearly expressed the term “Novorossiya”, which means the inevitable expansion of the borders of the L/DPR, and said that the executioners who killed people in Odessa on May 2, 2014, are known by name, and they will be punished. I.e., recognition of the L/DPR and military assistance to them is only the beginning of the resurrection and slow but steady reunification of the greater Russian world.

The reaction of Western representatives to the decision on recognition is interesting. European politicians and American ones, at first, could not decide for a long time whether the Russian army entered the territory of the L/DPR or whether it entered the territory of Ukraine, which already implies de facto recognition of these republics. When the sanctions that are being imposed in the European Union, the United States and England against Russia were announced, laughter and applause rang out from the windows, since sanctions are mainly imposed against over-satiated Russian officials, oligarchs and deputies. In other words, all these infernal sanctions are aimed at ensuring that Russian officials and oligarchs live in Russia and keep their money in Russia. Bravo! For this, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, is worthy of the Order of Friendship of Peoples. When German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced the suspension of certification of the operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, he was applauded in Gazprom and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, because the price of gas in Europe immediately rose by almost $300, i.e. the gas pipeline does not work, and Gazprom’s profit is growing before our eyes, and, therefore, budget revenues. If the chancellor survives with certification until the next heating season, then the star of the Hero of Russia is provided to him.

The West is going to disconnect six Russian banks that are subject to sanctions from the international payment confirmation system SWIFT, and after 30 days correspondent accounts with foreign banks will be closed. That is, money is not taken away from banks and they are given the opportunity to withdraw it within a month. SWIFT, of course, is a great system, thanks to it, payment verification and processing has accelerated dramatically, and without this, payments will take 5 days longer. However, Russia has its own similar system, and China has its own. So there will simply be a flow of payments from one system to another, or from these Russian banks to others, primarily with the participation of foreign capital, for example, to Raiffeisenbank. If the West risks freezing the gold and foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which now amount to $643 billion, without the UN Security Council’s approval, then:

  • it is impossible to freeze everything, because some of it is in yuan and gold;
  • Russia can confiscate all stakes of Western companies and banks in Russian companies;
  • prohibit paying commission for the use of patents and licenses;
  • impose a ban on the payment of dividends of all companies, except to the budget of the Russian Federation, to stop payments on foreign debt (to whom I owe – I forgive everything).

In other words, if the gold reserves of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation are frozen, the West will lose much more money than it will take. At the same time, it’s possible to buy gas, oil, fertilisers, and uranium fuel – just as it was possible to buy them with foreign currency, so one will continue to buy them.

And the ban on the sale of Airbus aircraft to Russia is generally a gift for accelerated production of Russian Superjet and MS-21 aircraft, as well as clearing the market for wide-body American Boeings. Ms. Ursula von der Leyen (the author of this initiative) is obviously supported by Boeing and our employees.

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Of course, certain difficulties and losses for both Russian businesses and citizens are inevitable, but this would still happen in one form or another, a little earlier or later, since the Global Energy dearth and the shortage of all the main known natural resources on the Planet are the main reason for the redrawing of the World. All nations will not be able to live well equally. A good standard of living for some is always created by a poor standard of living for others.

Sanctions after sanctions, but neither Biden, Johnson, nor Stoltenberg sent Zelensky a single battalion of soldiers to protect him from the treacherous Russia. Zelensky was beautifully and technically dumped. I believe that the last straw that overwhelmed Biden’s patience was Zelensky’s threat to urgently start making nuclear weapons. Such hysterical guys with initiative, as is known, are not taken as astronauts. US President Biden is an experienced politician and knows how to understand people, in addition, he knows perfectly well since the Cold War what nuclear weapons are and what a monkey with a grenade is. Therefore, Zelensky’s days as a politician are numbered, especially since for those who betray their ancestors, things end badly. As is known, Zelensky’s grandfather, a front-line soldier, fought against fascist wickedness, sparing no effort, and his grandson cherishes and coddles the same evil spirits à la Bandera . Therefore, Zelensky is doomed to loneliness, clowns are not needed in hell. Just as the Jewish oligarch Kolomoisky is not expected in paradise, who betrayed his people, the memory of his people, and supported Nazi battalions with his own money, and even joyfully called himself a Judeo-Banderist. All the Jews who were tortured by the Nazis turned over in their coffins from this.

In addition, the IMF and other creditors became tense when both Tymoshenko and Zelensky said almost in unison that Ukraine does not owe anyone, and the United States should pay off all its $52 billion debt. Therefore, the dismantling of Ukraine should be carried out in such a way that its debt obligations are not transferred to the parts controlled by Russia. Therefore, Kiev should remain the capital of a somewhat smaller country. Let it deal with the debts, they have nothing to do with Donbass. That is precisely why our president said that at the end of the operation, there will be no occupation of Ukraine by Russia, we do not need to take on its debts. They took it on themselves, let them give it back.

Apparently, one part of the Russian troops on the basis of the signed agreement on mutual assistance with the DPR and LPR will settle there for a long time, just in case.

The operation itself is actually taking place in the NATO style of 1999, when NATO similarly forced Yugoslavia to recognize Kosovo. And no one has imposed any sanctions against NATO for this! Find differences from today’s situation! There are almost none, but there are sanctions against Russia. The West claimed that there is a genocide of Kosovars, and we claim that there is a genocide of Russians, the West demanded that the Yugoslav military leave Kosovo, and we demand that Ukrainian troops and Nazi battalions leave Donbass, the United States eventually placed its military base in Kosovo, and we will place our own on the territory of the L/DPR.

Judging by what people living in Donbass wrote or said on February 21-23, the UAF troops were twitching both days waiting for orders, and the most intelligent Nazis ran from Donbass at an accelerated pace, local bosses were also preparing for a possible evacuation, burning documents, and digging up hidden Soviet or Russian flags. “Wedding in Malinovka” – yes, but unfortunately, this is not a comedy, but a drama in blood. In addition, in order to avoid the flow of refugees from the territory of Ukraine to the territory of Hungary, “the Hungarian armed forces will move their troops to the eastern part of the country in the coming days,” Hungarian Defence Minister Tibor Benkő said. In other words, Hungary is ready for the division of Ukraine, now we are waiting for similar gestures of Polish troops.

But a week ago, the whole world demanded that Russia attack Ukraine and the Baltic states, demanded a real war, to the last Ukrainian, so that some Slavs would kill others with passion. A week ago, the West was ready to sacrifice an entire country of 45 million people to its interests. Human sacrifice in general, as historians say, has been practiced in Europe since ancient times, as well as cannibalism. But the Slavs were not particularly noticed in this devilry, for the Slavs, blood sacrifices were not the norm. Therefore, one can only rejoice if, as a result of the recognition of the L/DPR and the purging of Nazism, the civil war stops and some Slavs stop killing others.

However, the question now is: why exactly now did the West demand a big and long war between Ukraine and Russia? Why did Russia present its security ultimatum to the West right now? Why not a year earlier, not a year later? Why did Russia recognise the LPR and DPR now, and not in 2014? What does it have in common that the Trotskyist globalists tried but failed to digitise everyone and put them in a digital concentration camp? Why couldn’t we put chips under everyone’s skin? Why haven’t we been able to introduce digital currencies everywhere and withdraw cash from us so far? Why doesn’t the Third World War work? Why couldn’t even normal vaccines be made? Bill Gates recently stated the following: “Unfortunately, the virus itself, especially its variant called Omicron, is a kind of vaccine, meaning it creates both B-cell and T-cell immunity, and it has done a better job of reaching the world’s population than we have with vaccines.” So they will also have artificial intelligence at the level of Jen Psaki or Liz Truss, no more. You can’t get very far on such artificial intelligence – but what can you do? Like creates like.

In fact, all the answers are on the surface, but there are several of them. The first answer is mystical: the way of Spiritual management of humanity has changed. The old ones were based on sacrifice, Satanism, loan interest, and the division of people on various grounds to divide and conquer. It is being replaced by something else, perhaps an awareness of the Love and Beauty of what God has created, a life that is not false, but true, and there is absolutely no place for Nazism in the world to come. We’ll wait and see. In the meantime, about the mundane.

So, regarding the Western reasons for the big war:

1) The Federal Reserve began to curtail its quantitative easing and the market immediately began to run out of liquidity and smelled a new collapse of the mortgage market. I.e., in the US, there is a shortage of real money. The threat of war in Europe forced investors to immediately withdraw their money from the Ukrainian market (it was withdrawn from the Russian market a little earlier) and transfer it to dollars, i.e. the money ended up in American bank accounts, and very timely, as the securities market continues to be feverish due to a lack of liquidity and the upcoming Fed rate hike. Strictly speaking, the offensive of the so-called the Arab Spring led to the same effect – to the flow of funds to American banks and to banks in the City of London. Therefore, as it is not difficult to guess, it is the representatives of the United States and England who are most loudly demanding war.

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2) in the autumn in America, there are midterm and very important Senate elections for both parties, so each party in the fight for the right to embezzle the budget is looking for any excuse to score points for itself. And the glory of the peacemaker, or the lord of infernal sanctions, can even be very useful.

In addition, policymakers should divert citizens’ attention away from Fed-induced inflation. Inflation turned out to be not temporary, as the US financial authorities initially stated, but it came in earnest and for a long time, and a little earlier than inflation, there were interruptions in the delivery of goods, and there was also a commodity shortage of various goods, not just chips and cars. The artificiality of the shortage created by merchants can be verified at least from the fact that earlier ships carrying cars from Europe to the United States did not burn, and days ago a ship with as many as 4,000 Volkswagen cars burned down. Here is a nameplate of those auto companies that are part of the Volkswagen group.

The ship, abandoned by the crew, is smoking and burning down near the coast of Portugal, they say that the fire was allegedly caused by fires in the batteries of electric vehicles standing there.

Does it remind you of anything? Artificial scarcity creates superprofits! By the way, this is the same way in the late 80’s they destroyed products that were taken to Moscow. Meat products rotted in refrigerated wagons, which suddenly stopped cooling the meat, it rotted, other food was not allowed to be unloaded, or the unloaded was taken not to shops, but to construction pits and covered with earth. Only then food was destroyed not so much to make money on the shortage, but in order to raise the people on their hind legs and carry out the restoration of capitalism. This is exactly what happened.

By the way, when it suddenly turned out that there is some mysterious shortage of chips that are produced in the same quantities, but disappear somewhere unknown, the news came that now we should also expect a shortage of SSD drives. Western Digital and Kioxia, the main manufacturers of SSD drives, admitted that a huge amount of flash memory was damaged in their factories. As was reported by Reuters, chips worth 6.5 billion gigabytes were destroyed. Is this an accident? Or again to create an artificial deficit? Or to cover up how some Asian power is secretly preparing huge armies of drones?

3) do not prevent pharmaceutical companies from making super-profits on vaccinations, and divert attention from the problems with the quality of Pfizer and Moderna’s anti-COVID vaccines, with the way they were tested and certified, as well as around a number of anti-COVID events in different countries. More and more information about the relevant lawsuits, and how they will end, no one knows yet.

4) divert attention from the Freedom Convoy of truckers in Canada, because looking at them, truckers in the United States and Australia are already thinking about the same protests. As you know, a bad example is contagious. Canadian drivers blocked downtown Ottawa and a number of roads for a month, demanding to cancel vaccination certificates, as well as resign some bosses.

Protests with demands made by truckers, including demanding Trudeau’s resignation, also took place in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Windsor, and Victoria. The country’s Conservative Party has strongly criticised Trudeau, calling on him to resign. Ottawa’s police chief, who loudly demanded that protesters be removed from the streets, resigned himself, and ruling party leader Candice Bergen said that “Trudeau is the only one who wants to stay in a pandemic situation.” However, after the fright from the appearance of drivers at the Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau passed and it became clear that no serious people were behind them, it was decided to introduce a state of emergency in the citadel of democracy in Canada and suppress the protest. This is what lack of education means – these bold drivers have never read Lenin’s work on how to make a revolution. Those who staged Maidan in November 2013 in Kiev studied this subject even in Soviet institutions, so the parties of oligarchs who decided to remove the Donetsk oligarchs from power immediately followed the people who came to Maidan. Canadian truckers do not have oligarchs behind their backs, so no one brings them field kitchens with hot food, actively flavoured with drugs, no one brings snipers with rifles, etc. However, this story is not over yet, everything can change at any moment.

Now why did Russia in December 2021 announce an ultimatum regarding guarantees of its security, and now recognize the L/DPR? There are the following reasons for this:

1) America is not concerned with us now, not at all concerned, they have their own problems, which I mentioned above.

– on the territory of the European theatre of military operations, the Russian army is currently the largest and most real, it has no competitors and none are expected.

Top 5 strongest armies in the world: 1 – USA; 2 – Russia; 3 – China; 4 – India; 5- UK

Unfortunately, nuclear weapons are not listed in this table, but everything is clear as it is. All the years after the disappearance of the USSR, European states got rid of their armies due to the absence of the main enemy, and also to direct money for other purposes, and not for the maintenance of the army. But the main reason was that there were already two world wars on the territory of Europe, and Europeans do not want to participate in a third one. America keeps the same minimum number of military units in Europe since the founding of the NATO bloc, and is looking for any convenient reason to reduce them to a minimum, since soldiers are needed on bases around China, but not in Europe. Therefore, after scaring the whole world with a Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Americans and British immediately withdrew their military from the territory of Ukraine under cover, which was confirmed by the head of the Pentagon and which in fact is the beginning of the implementation of the Russian ultimatum.

2) at the moment, circumstances have developed so that Russia has become one of the main suppliers of heavy oil, fuel oil and diesel fuel to the United States, and there is nothing to replace Russian volumes, since it is long and expensive to convert refineries to process other types of oil, and American refineries are mainly focused on processing heavy grades of oil, primarily from Venezuela. However , since the Americans have imposed sanctions on Venezuela, as well as on Iran, it means that they have to buy Russian oil. Maybe, of course, this is the same Venezuelan one, but delivered through Russia. But it still stuck to my hands, as they say.

Oil extraction and export (red – export, blue – domestic consumption); top to bottom – Saudi Arabia, US, Russia, China, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, Kuwait, UAE

As can be seen from the graph, the United States uses its own oil for its own needs, including refining and petrochemicals, because it is more profitable to trade not the oil itself, but the results of its processing. Thus, the United States, along with Russia and India, is the world’s leader in petrochemicals. And, by the way, no less than a quarter of US budget revenues are generated precisely from the trade in oil, petroleum products and LNG.

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If America and Europe suddenly step on the throat of their own song and refuse Russian oil, then China will buy it with great pleasure. The basis of China’s generation is coal-fired thermal power plants, but coal is starting to run out, so China is starting to switch from coal to gas and oil.

How many energy resources can China “digest”
RBK compared China’s growing and forecasted oil and gas needs with the fantastic volume of Russian supplies

As we can see, China continues to suck in more and more oil and gas flows. And if we take into account that in recent years the world has consumed more oil than it is produced, i.e. periodically open oil storage facilities, including tankers that are at sea as such storage facilities, then there will always be a shortage of oil. In addition, the following table shows that the peak of oil exploration and production in the world has already passed, and gas is replacing oil. But it is also chronically lacking.

Energy resources reserves
The growth of the raw material base and the dynamics of oil production by year (million barrels.)

3) Rosatom is the main supplier of fuel for American nuclear power plants, and they have not been able to find a new supplier for several years. Let me remind you that nuclear power plants in the United States provide 25% of all generation, so there is nothing to replace them with. There will be no Russian fuel, no nuclear power plants.

4) Russia supplies Europe with at least 35% of its total gas consumption, as well as supplies oil and fertilisers. And no matter what kind of refusals from Russian coal and gas as sanctions are not approved by Germany, then it is the latter who will find a reason to cancel them in the first case, because there is no one else to take gas steadily and constantly from. One or two quarters can somehow still be dispensed with, but it is impossible to refuse forever. In addition, let me remind you that Russia is a significant market for Europe to sell its products. Russia ranks fifth in terms of imports of European goods and services, and as a supplier to Europe, it is in third place after China and the United States. That is, any real European sanctions will hit Europe like a boomerang. Real American economic sanctions will hit America. Wherever it’s thrown, there’s a wedge everywhere. In addition, the global energy dearth has led to higher prices for energy-intensive production in many countries other than Russia, so the demand for Russian products other than hydrocarbons has increased. According to the head of the Russian Export Center Veronika Nikishina, in January–November 2021, Russia’s non-primary non-energy exports (NOE) amounted to $170.5 billion, and by the end of the whole year, we estimate an increase in NOE of 36%, to more than $191 billion, which was a new historical maximum. Growth is observed in almost all product segments, but the largest growth was recorded in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, fertilisers, woodworking products, chemicals, plastics and power equipment. Just the other day, we saw the Brazilian president come to Putin for fertilisers. This means that all fertilisers are contracted by other countries for several years in advance. Remember that gas is the basis for the production of many fertilisers, and 90% of the price of fertilisers is the price of gas. No fertiliser – no harvest, no harvest – there are hunger riots. The Arab Spring began immediately after the price of wheat tortillas rose in price, and there was a bad wheat harvest that year. And it flared up from Tunisia to Syria. the more expensive electricity and heat costs in Europe and China, the greater the demand for goods produced in Russia. It does NOT matter whether they will be produced by Russian companies or by foreign ones on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Therefore, without Russia, its resources, its production from petrochemicals and fertilisers to nuclear power plants and icebreakers, the world has nowhere to go, they will not live without us. It sounds strange, but it’s true. “Poseidon” and “Kinzhal” to us as help! For, as Aleksandr Nevsky used to say: “God is not in power, God is in Truth!”

Therefore, the moment for the formation of the new Russia, announced on February 21 of this year, was chosen well.

Meanwhile, the trade war between China and the United States, launched by Trump, is heating up more and more, now China is imposing economic sanctions against two American corporations, arms manufacturers, whose products were recently supplied to Taiwan.

According to TASS, “The Chinese government has decided to impose sanctions against American companies Raytheon Technologies and Lockheed Martin for arms supplies to Taiwan.” What specific sanctions are being imposed is unknown, but it is known from the report of the US Senate commission under Trump that at least 1,000,000. names of Chinese-made components are used by US military-industrial complex corporations in their work.

To cross blades with Russia over Donbass and China over Taiwan at the same time is unrealistic, even for the United States. And China is put in such a situation that it cannot but annex Taiwan completely, otherwise China will be left without the microchips that are produced there. And we need to do this sooner rather than later, otherwise China will lose in the race of chips and new technologies. So, Russia has made its move, and now it’s up to China.

And on February 22, while the whole world was digesting Russia’s recognition of the LPR and DPR, Azerbaijani President Ilkhan Aliyev rushed to the Kremlin. Our president told him loudly and clearly that Russia will not restore the Russian Empire with its borders. Aliev listened, but it was clear from his eyes that the main question he had was where the financial center of the New Great Russia would be, because Russia, which appeared before him at this moment, is a country that comes to light in the form of a Bear, and in it, like in a Russian matryoshka, our other totem symbols are also hidden – the omnipresent Griffin (a winged creature with a scorpion tail, tiger body, eagle head and wings), a wise Owl that sees light through darkness, a powerful double-headed Eagle and White horses, who brought us to this planet from the blackness of the universe. They are all united now, they are all waving after us. They know it will be difficult, but there is no turning back.

Igor Nagayev

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