Goodbye ECHR

NEW – June 11, 2022

1. Putin signed a law previously adopted by the State Duma, which allows not to execute any decisions of the ECHR adopted after March 15, 2022.

2. According to decisions taken before March 15, 2022, payments can be made. but only in rubles and only through ruble accounts in Russian banks.

3. In fact, finally got rid of the ECHR. It was a little strange that the country recognises the decision of a body controlled by hostile states.

4. In general, the process of eliminating ties with Europe and dependencies on Europe in the format that has developed since the early 90s is approaching its logical conclusion.

5. A new format of relations will be built from scratch after the war. Already without any pink snot about the “blessed West” and “European values”.

6. At the current historical stage, this is another nail in the coffin of the current iteration of Russian Westernism, which has led the country to a dead end, from which it is necessary to get out through the war.

Colonel Cassad

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