Gorbachev – A Story of Treason and Betrayal

During Gorbachev‘s visit to England, the completely unthinkable happened. Gorbachev himself, in his memoir “Life and Reform”, writes of a meeting with “iron lady” Margaret Thatcher: “I laid out in front of the British Prime Minister a large map on which all the stocks of nuclear weapons were plotted in the thousandths”.

One would think that Mikhail Sergeyevich was just bragging. After all, this map is an object of state importance with top secret information. But no, the same episode is described in his memoirs “Pool of Memories” by the participant of this meeting Aleksandr Yakovlev: “Negotiations were happening in a probing way until the moment when during of one of the meeting in a narrow composition … Mikhail Sergeyevich put the map of the General Staff on the table with all the marks of secrecy which testified that the map is genuine. It depicted the directions of missile strikes on the UK…”

In any country of the world, such a map is holy of holy, and even an attempt to transfer information from such a map is punishable harshly, up to the highest measure – execution. And Gorbachev even flaunts it! The “iron lady” was “frozen” for a while, but not for long. She quickly came to the realisation that “the client is ready to perform more complex tasks”.

Sergey Veselovsky

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