Gorbachev’s Life Could Have Been Ended Much Earlier – In Donbass!

NEW – August 31, 2022

In August 1969, Mikhail Gorbachev, in the status of the first secretary of the Stavropol Regional Party Committee, arrived in Donetsk to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the city.

Among other things, the guest was given a cultural program on the shore of the Sea of Azov with a picnic and boating.

The boat capsized, and it turned out that Gorbachev could not swim. His life was saved by one of the local party workers. Back then, of course, he was praised.

Already during “perestroika” and the collapse of the USSR, the saviour of the future Secretary General repeatedly had to listen from fellow countrymen: “Who asked you to pull him out?”

History could have followed a completely different track.

Photo by Boris Vitkov from the collection of the Donetsk Museum of Photojournalism and Photographic Equipment.

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