Graffitied Nazi Symbols Appeared on the Walls of the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity in Zaporozhye

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Nowadays any filth and infamy is ideologically justified by the fight against the “Soviet past”.

On September 14th, unknown persons scribbled Nazi symbols and wrote “paint again” on the walls of the palace of children’s and youths creativity. According to the director Lyudmila Marinyuk, this part of the building was only recently re-painted. Now Nazi symbols appeared on the “fresh” areas. 

In comments to the post the Director had enough of those who begun to defend the vandals and to justify it by the “fight against the Soviet past”:

Travun Ovner: “The author is in such a panic as if the building of the Sistine Chapel had been graffitied, not a dilapidated spat-on Soviet relic.”

Lyudmila Marinyuk: “If we follow your logic, the place for all of us is in this very dilapidated and spat-on place. Invite the artist, let him paint a swastika on your door and bloody images with a slashed throat. More than 2,000 children come to this Soviet relic, as you described it.”

Travun Ovner: “then the fact that so many people go there and at the same time this building looks like a bomb shelter further undermines its reputation. The swastika is beautiful and the drawing is pretty cool.”

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