Graham Phillips Was Detained by UK Police for Telling the Truth About Georgian Aggression Against South Ossetia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


British law enforcement bodies have detained the journalist Graham Phillips at the Georgian Embassy in London, reported the ambassador of Georgia in Great Britain Tamar Beruchashvili to journalists.

According to her, during an exhibition devoted to the 10th anniversary of the events of August, 2008, Phillips shouted out anti-Georgian and anti-NATO slogans.

“The diplomatic police which was called to the scene worked quickly and detained Graham Phillips,” added Beruchashvili.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia also reported about the detention of the journalist, without having given his name.

“He without the permission disrupted the exhibition, loudly shouted slogans against NATO and accused Georgia of providing incorrect information for the British audience,” noted the department.





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