“Your Grandfathers Are Red Fascists”: Polish Russophobe Beaten on the Air of Russian Talk-Show

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Polish journalist Tomasz Maciejczuk provoked a mass fight in the studio of the NTV television channel. This time, Maciejczuk, known for his anti-Russian statements, quarrelled with the editor-in-chief of the PolitRussia website Ruslan Ostashko.

The incident occurred during the filming of the “Meeting Place” broadcast on April 26th. The situation in the studio became heated after one of the guests of the program tried to equate German fascism to  Soviet communism.

The editor-in-chief of the PolitRussia Internet website Ruslan Ostashko became involved in a dispute. The journalist warned his opponents that if he dares to call his ancestors fascists one more time, then he will be hit on the jew. The ardent speech of the editor-in-chief was interrupted by the Polish journalist Maciejczuk who, seemingly, didn’t take his threat seriously. “Your grandfathers are red fascists, he said, addressing Ostashko.

The Russian, refusing to take the insult lightly, marched up to Maciejczuk and rang his bell. The Pole returned the favor and also tried to strike several blows, when the Ukrainian journalist Elena Boyko joined in with the sparring. The fighting didn’t continue for long — those involved were quickly separated by security.


As a reminder, in November of last year Maciejczuk was involved in a fight during the filming of the “Right to Vote” program on TVC. The Pole, who considered that Russia, unlike Romania, “lives in sh*t”, was escorted out of the studio after receiving a “blow to the eye”. After this the TV channel paid the beaten journalist 50,000 rubles as compensation.

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