Great Britain Buys Weapons in Kazakhstan for Ukraine (Documents)

NEW – August 10, 2022

Do you remember the movie “Lord of War” about our Ukrainian arms dealer? Today we will show you that all this is reality, not fiction.

We have received documents containing a draft contract for the purchase of ammunition by a Jordanian company from the Kazakh company Technoexport: shells 122 mm. (for D-20 howitzers); 152 mm shells (for D-30 howitzers); rockets for BM-21 “Grad”. The total number is 20,000 shells, 33,000 missiles.

The documents say that the weapons are intended for the British Ministry of Defence. The deal is for $69,520,000. The transaction is supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan in cooperation with the British military attache in Kazakhstan, who will ensure the forwarding of documents and certificates to the end user by diplomatic mail.

Also, we have documents that negotiations are underway on the supply of 200 BTR-4 units (BTR-82A or simplified modifications) and ammunition for 120 mm mortars and ATGM “Konkurs” from Kazakhstan.

Actually, the British Ministry of Defense does not need Soviet-made weapons and military equipment, because they have completely different standards for weapons.

But the most interesting thing is how the documents on the deal between Jordan and Kazakhstan, which is overseen by the UK, ended up on the computers of the Main Intelligence Directorate of our Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Maybe Pan General Budanov will be able to answer these questions?

And what are these “certain people who should be paid commissions”? We don’t know much about the ins and outs of the arms trade, but the phrase “From our side, we also have to pay commissions on the Buyer’s side, since the Buyer cannot protect the commissions due to being a controlled company” was understood. The Kazakhstani firm will then have to transfer a certain percentage of almost $70 million to some people who have pledged their interest through the Jordanian firm as well.

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We have long said that for some, war is primarily an opportunity to get rich quickly. Yes, Kirill Alekseyevich? With whom did you come up with this scheme so cleverly in the Presidential Office and who is the “Baron”?


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