Green, Red, & Blue: The Three Genocidal Healthcare Reform Packages Legalised by the Verkhovna Rada

Translated by Ollie Richardson


As was predicted by “Vesti”, the Verkhovna Rada at the first reading adopted the key law from a package of bills on healthcare reform (6327). According to it, payment for medical services for each Ukrainian will be made according to three packages. The first one is “green”, with which it will be possible to call an ambulance free of charge, to consult a therapist or a family doctor, and also to be treated at hospices. For all of this the government plans to allocate 210 UAH a year for each patient. It is necessary to pay for everything else.

For example, the “blue” package is partially paid for from the budget and partially from the pocket of the patient, which includes childbirth, operations, and treatment in a hospital. The “red” package includes aesthetic medicine and aesthetic dentistry, which the patient will pay for with their own means.

At the same time the parliament didn’t support bill No. 6326, which had to provide financing of medical reform through the introduction of amendments to the budget for this year. In particular, it would allow hospitals to pay utility bills, update material and technical resources, and repair municipal hospitals at the expense of local budgets. And from the State budget to finance only the purchase of drugs and the payment of medical services within the guaranteed package.

Experts say that in reality 210 UAH is a measly sum for the guaranteed package, this money will be enough only for the delivery of elementary analyses, and the hasty laws threaten people’s health. “Medical reform as it stands will lead to a reduced population and the mass closure of hospitals,” said to us the People’s Deputy Oleg Musiy, the former Minister of Health. He means that the law in fact introduces paid medicines, so it limits access to it for people who can’t boast a high income.

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