Groisman Instructs the Police to Punish Cafes and Restaurants Broadcasting Russian TV

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Police and officials will inspect public places, cafes, and restaurants on the fact of rebroadcasting Russian programs, the distribution of which is prohibited in Ukraine.

Such an instruction was given by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, reports the press service of the National Council on Television and Radio.

The notice concerns the Minister of Internal Affairs, Chairman of the State Committee of Television and Broadcasting, Minister of Information Policy, and heads of regional administrations.

“They should take the necessary response measures to check places of mass rest and congregate concerning the termination of the rebroadcasting of Russian programs, the distribution of which is restricted on the territory of Ukraine. The Cabinet of Ministers and the Presidential Administration will be informed about the measures taken,” it is stated in the message.

As of November 1st, Ukraine banned the broadcast of 76 Russian TV channels.

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