Groisman Proposed to Allow the Hague to Investigate Crimes in Ukraine on Its Own Initiative

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Cabinet of Minsters suggests that the Verkhovna Rada should allow the International Criminal Court (The Hague tribunal, the Netherlands) on its own initiative to investigate the crimes committed in Ukraine. The relevant bill was approved at a meeting of the government on Wednesday, reports the governmental website.

The government suggests to create, before the ratification of the Rome Statute of the ICC by Ukraine, of the necessary legislative base for cooperation with the tribunal. In particular, a separate chapter regulating cooperation with the International Criminal Court should be introduced in the Criminal Procedure Code.

Such cooperation involves the adoption by Ukraine at the request of the Hague tribunal of the necessary measures to aid the investigation of crimes falling under its jurisdiction. This concerns legal aid and the arrest and transfer to court of persons suspected of crimes. Bodies that cooperate with the ICC are defined as the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Justice. According to the bill, Ukrainian State agencies are obliged to satisfy the requests of the Hague tribunal in the allotted time and with the observance of all procedures.

At the same time it is established that within a month of receiving the message that the Hague tribunal has begun to investigate a crime within the jurisdiction of Ukraine, the Prosecutor General’s Office has the right to ask the court to submit this case for investigation to Ukrainian law enforcement bodies. If the ICC refuses to submit the case to Ukraine for investigation, the State Office of the Public Prosecutor has the right to appeal against this decision to the secretariat of the court within 5 days.

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