The Guarantee of a Ukrainian Journalist-Propagandist: One Day All of Odessa Will Speak Ukrainian

Translated by Lada Pyatnitskaya


The Ukrainian journalist-propagandist Vitaly Portnikov said that by his desire to make Odessa Ukrainian, he joins the founder of Zionism Vladimir Jabotinsky.

According to “Politnavigator”, such a statement was made by the journalist on the TV channel “Espreso”. Portnikov, in particular, stated “the rise of Ukrainian cinema and Ukrainian television series” and also mentioned about the opportunity for children “to watch series in the Ukrainian language”.

“And this means that we along with you will see that perfect day, which a theorist of Zionism, Vladimir Jabotinsky, once wrote about, when Odessa would speak the Ukrainian language,” said Portnikov.

“For me, Odessa, as well as Kharkov and Dniepr are Russian speaking cities, which are Russified and surrounded by the ‘Ukrainian sea’. And I want these cities to be Ukrainian ones, to begin to speak the Ukrainian language. I am fighting for this and will continue fighting,” he added.

Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak, who was also present in the TV studio, agreed with Portnikov.

“Odessa is not such a Russian speaking city as it may seem. No matter how many times I come to Odessa, I communicate in the Ukrainian language. A marvellous, patriotic, classy, and extremely beautiful city… as well as Kharkov, Dniepr and other cities that we somehow are trying to brand… Kiev was also spoken about like this, now go outside, the situation is quite different”, he said.

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