HAARP in Syria: US Creating Artificial Sandstorms to Sabotage the Syrian Airforce

By Ollie Richardson
Arabic Translated by Captain Ahab

It has been reported by the Firil Center that the US weather-altering project “HAARP” has been exported to Syria, and is being used to prevent the Syrian Air Force from bombing their proxies:

“The study goes further than that and says that the “CIA used the weather modifying program known as HAARP to disable the Syrian air force by creating sand storms, on the other hand Russia uses the device to dissipate clouds before sending their air force on bombing raids. The capital, Damascus, experienced several sand storms in the following years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 – all believed to be caused by HAARP. HAARP as far as the study says is a research program situated in Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Colorado. The project started in 1993 and ended in 2007, it consist of 180 antennas pulsating into the ionosphere tens of millions of waves with a power of 4 million Watt/sec these induce waves of energy that hover over the earth and then are aligned in a certain angle to cause Tsunami’s, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, acidic rain, increases in temperature, and sand storms”. 

While the concept of this machine has been limited to “conspiracy theory” (a term introduced by the CIA after JFK’s assassination) status, regardless of what it’s capabilities are, the proof of its existence has always been there for all to see. It is likely that Russia’s equivalent technology is even more powerful, and perhaps there is a new form of warfare emerging – control of the clouds!

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Meanwhile, the US has once again been busy with its information warfare. Over the past couple of weeks, they launched a new NGO campaign to promote the “opposition” narrative, and keep the Kafranbel crowd in a job. This new campaign involves using children to burn tyres with the aim to “stop Assad bombing us”. This campaign, however, doesn’t talk much about the US-led coalition massacring children in Manbij.


“Moderate” media (White Helmets) even had the audacity to accuse Assad of firing “chlorine” shells at civilians, using children in their presentation for maximum effect:

But of course, we only need to remember the faked testimony used to justify the first Gulf War and the even more embarrassing second Gulf War to see that the US is recycling the same methods of propaganda.

At the same as this is going on, US-vetted Nour al din al-Zenki are firing suspicious-looking shells at neighbourhoods in Aleppo (what is the white powder?). And somehow Russia is being accused of using White Phosphorus?!

Here is the result of “moderate” shelling in Aleppo on August 10th. It will be entertaining to hear the State Department’s excuses for this:


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