Hackers Published the Correspondence of Navalny Featuring a Call to Organise a Maidan

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The hacker group Infotrader published on its website excerpts from the uncovered correspondence of the oppositional public figure Alexei Navalny with members of the organizing committee of an anti-war meeting in February, 2015, just before the politician Boris Nemtsov was killed.

In correspondence with one of the leaders of the movement “Solidarnost” Sergey Davidis, Navalny suggests to one of leaders of the “PARNAS” party Konstantin Merzlikin to call Gorbenko (Aleksandr Gorbenko – Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Moscow City Hall for Regional Security and Information Policy) or Mayorov (Aleksey Mayorov, who until October, 2016, held the position of Head of Department of Regional Security and Anti-Corruption of the Moscow City Hall) concerning holding a meeting. It should be noted that Navalny hints at certain close contacts with non-systemic opposition with the City Hall, saying that “people from the system must understand each other”.

At the same time the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation further directly urges his colleagues not to be afraid of the organization of an unauthorized action, immediately rejecting any other intermediate options and placing an emphasis on the fact that events must develop according to the scenario of the Ukrainian Maidan.

“We need a picture, ideally similar to what was in Kiev,” writes Navalny in the letter.

Further, in the correspondence of the leader of “PARNAS” Mikhail Kasyanov published by hackers, the issue of intrigues and troublemaking character, which nevertheless are recognized as a lesser evil in comparison with the spineless Ryzhkov, is discussed with the deputy Konstantin Merzlikin.

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