Hackers Reveal Plans of Ukraine About the Information War Against Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The Ukrainian government in 2015 carried out a number of activities in the framework of the information war against Russia, the aim of which is, in particular, the destabilisation of the situation in Russia. This is evidenced by the legal decision of the meeting of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC), signed by the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry Aleksandr Litvinenko.

The documents were published by the hacker group SPRUT, who found them after hacking a number of official email accounts of the Ukrainian government.

At a meeting of the National Security and Defence Council, held on 20th May 2015, the participants came to the conclusion that the Ukrainian media fails to portray a positive image of the Kiev authorities on the territory of Crimea and Donbass. Therefore, a plan was adopted with a number of measures that could be regarded as an information war directed against Russia.

The central point of this plan is to “support and disseminate protest moods in the Russian Federation”, as well as projects of close cooperation of the Ukrainian authorities and special services with the Russian opposition. In addition, influencing Russia’s neighboring countries with the aim to impose the idea of “possible Russian aggression” to worsen the image of Russia in the world arena and weaken her diplomatic ties is a priority task.

Ukrainian specialists are also involved in the information war with Russia using tactics of hijacking pro-Russian groups on social networks. After occupation, the captured communities are used to spread Ukrainian propaganda.

First of all, the target of the Ukrainian agents is groups on the social network “Vkontakte” that publish information about events in Donbass, and also the communities that specialize in weapons and military history. According to the published document, the Ukrainian security services over the past year were able to hijack about a dozen large communities.

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According to the document, one of the communities that fell under the control of Ukrainian hackers was the group of “Russian Donbass | Novorossiya | DPR” with 16,000 subscribers. Kiev also obtained admin rights of the group “Military science” and “Soldiers of Novorossiya DPR LPR”. The report notes that also the Donetsk community HPMN — DPR news and “Storm of Mariupol” came under the full control of Ukrainian agents.

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