Haftar Meets Shoigu, Lavrov, & Security Council of Russia in Moscow

Translated by Captain Ahab



Sputnik news agency reported that the Head of the Libyan military Haftar met with Ministers Shoigu and Lavrov, and that he had also convened with Russia’s Security Council.

General Haftar arrived in Moscow on Sunday evening, an official visit that has as its purpose the strengthening of ties between the two countries, and to discuss the current situation in Libya, to try and find ways to harness stability and further cooperation, according to the news agency.

Sputnik news agency had also reported that General Haftar’s visit to Moscow came “After Russia had sent him an official invitation to visit”.

General Haftar had already visited Moscow earlier this year in June, to discuss the current crisis in Libya, back then he met with Defense Minister Shoigu and Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev, according to the news agency. 

The Russian ambassador to Libya, Ivan Molotkov, said on the 28th of June that Haftar had discussed with the Russian high command the possibility of importing Russian arms into Libya, the discussion included the developments that were happening at the time in Libya.

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