Happiness of Crimea & Donbass From the American Point of View

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




The first thing that appears in the list of claims to Russia is. Crimea and Donbass. Most of the sanctions and other restrictive measures were introduced in connection with the events in Ukraine. Repression against Russian citizens and companies continue also to this day. And, despite the fact that the list of “crimes” of Russia is constantly increasing (Syria, sports, cyber-attacks), the main demand still remains the return of Crimea and the termination of assistance to the population of Donbass.

Here I would like to make a digression and recall the declaration of independence of the United States, in which it is said that “all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

I think the fact that to live freely and pursue happiness is wanted not only by US citizens, but also all citizens of planet Earth, cannot be questioned. But Americans supporting the pursuit of happiness of some at the expense of the freedom and the lives of others is a very interesting issue.

I loved how, yesterday, at the hearing on the approval of Tillerson’s candidacy to the post of U.S. Secretary of State, in the Senate Committee on foreign relations, he was asked whether he recognized the right of Russia to Crimea. Of course, today, everything  relates to Russia is very important and interesting for US “partners”, however, according to the law of justice, which they don’t like to abide by,  it is the opinion of Crimeans themselves that must be taken into consideration.

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Let’s suppose that the United States believes that the referendum is invalid because of a vote “at gunpoint”. Ok. In this case, what prevents Americans to go to the Peninsula to study the prevailing sentiments among the population. They are scared to go?! Social networks are there to help you! Moreover, the State Department is a great specialist on collecting information in this way. Moreover, in the process of studying the Crimean issue, it would be worth to pay attention also to the position of citizens of Ukraine, who sincerely resent the return of Crimea to Russia.

Given the fact WHAT these patriots are writing — even those who are not endowed with logic, it will become clear that the return of Crimea is not just impossible, but also terribly dangerous. For the life and freedom of the Crimean people. About how it will make them unhappy, even though there is no talking.

In the same way, the case of Donbass is similar. Over three years of total genocide, which for some reason is still called ATO, the inhabitants of this region had a clear idea of what fate awaits them if they return to the “loving” Ukrainian arms. After all, despite the fact that “there is fascism in Ukraine” (I’m nervously laughing), methods of de-Russification for rebellious Donbass are prepared in the best traditions of the Third Reich. Again, Facebook and Twitter is here to help you.

Yes, actually, nobody hides it. It’s enough to listen to the speeches of Ukrainian deputies, “ATO veterans”, volunteers, activists, and patriots. It would be strange if after everything heard  in the address, citizens of the LDPR rush to cancel the referendum result. Yes, they are willing to bravely endure all the hardships of sleeping in the cellars and to count “the arrivals of shells”, in order to, by all means, to defend their right to live with whoever they want. But this is the same “pursuit of happiness” that was mentioned above.

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So Americans should ask questions about who has the right, not from their candidate for the post of Secretary of State, but ordinary people whose interests they so fervently adhere to. For example, to ask the Palestinians, whose Gaza is. Or the Serbs — whose Kosovo is. Or, for example, to ask the residents of Eastern Aleppo, how they lived under the control of the “moderate” opposition. And a refugee from Mosul — where and how are they now?! You don’t know?! Of course. After all, these questions are from “inconvenient” category

But Crimea and Donbass are another case! Here professionals applying for the ultimate truth form a list as long as your arm! And, most importantly, sorry, every worm has the right to decide the fate of the inhabitants of Crimea and Donbass. And this despite the fact that most of the experts will not be able to show even an approximate location of these territories on the map.

But they believe that, without giving any guarantees or taking on even one iota of responsibility, they have the right to decide how Donbass and Crimea should live, and where to be happy and truly free.

And on what basis?! Oh, you are exceptional?!

Well, if so, then, be kind enough to exceptionally go away from us. And preferably forever!

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