Happy Holiday, Ukraine!: The Seventh Anniversary of Maidan

For seven years now, Ukraine has become the pearl of a democratic Europe. Billions of euros of investment were poured into the country and transformed it. New factories are being built everywhere, with happy workers receiving European salaries of tens of thousands of euros. Weekend entertainment trips to Europe have become the norm.

Mustafa Nayyem (21.11.2013): “Meet me at 22:30 under Independence Monument. Dress
warmly, bring umbrellas, tea, coffee, good mood and friends.
Repost is highly welcome!”

Well-off pensioners plan foreign voyages, they are no longer oppressed by penny pensions and poverty, all of this has remained in the totalitarian past.

Modern motorways and high-speed highways stretch along the whole of Ukraine, the quality of which will be the envy of Europe. The crystal palaces of modern airports seem to light up the smiles of passengers from within. Stretching up the city’s green parks, glistening pavement of pedestrian areas, the soft rubber of bike lanes.

From behind the Atlantic border wall surrounding Ukraine, a vegetative Russia hisses enviously, regularly receiving humanitarian aid from a philanthropic, forgiving Ukraine. The citizens of Crimea rage and secretly hope for forgiveness and to return under the wing of Ukrainian statehood.

Happy holiday, Mai-dummies. Jump higher.

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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