Hasty EU Sanctions Play Into Russia’s Hands

I can’t help but be happy about the EU’s Navalny sanctions. They don’t sit well for those who hoped till the last moment to establish relations with the Old World, with the “sober-minded pragmatists” of Europe. Including among the administration employees who were included in the sanctions list.

Euro-atlantists in agony hit their own semi-agents in the Russian government for not being completely their own. They hope that Brussels will soon cool off and opt for a soft westernisation of Russia under the guise of perestroika 2.0, remove some of the sanctions, allow the completion of Nord Stream-2 – and suddenly burghers hit them on the head – receive it!

Here you have additional sanctions, the burghers say to our pro-westerners, since you do not understand that we do not need a soft westernisation of Russia, we have no time for this, but a coup d’etat here and now. It’s for this that Navalny was reanimated literally and figuratively.

Here we have a German specialist who complains that the germanists have been hoping for a good attitude from Berlin towards Russia for decades, while Berlin is conducting anti-Russian rhetoric. Like, now Steinmeier will come and … here Merkel will grow bolder and … now the Social Democrat Maas will speak normally and … All these hopes of the Germanists fall under the steamroller of reality every time.

Indeed, in addition to the Anglophiles, we have a considerable cohort of Germanophiles who zealously denounce the British and with the same force call for “unification” with Germany – like saying that our resources and their technologies are the power that the Anglo-Saxons fear. Heartland, and so on.

In fact, this is as much an illusion as friendship with the United States. Moreover, this is the same westernism, only its other side, there is no fundamental difference — which means that it is directed to the detriment of Russia.

In addition, such hope for the Germans after two attacks on us in the 20th century is generally out of the realm of delirium. Yes, the Anglo-Saxons encouraged Germany, but they were not driven against us by force! No, they themselves, the representatives of the highest race, drove tanks into the Russian fields, trying to reel “Russian pigs” on their tracks. And now, it turns out, there is hope for them as partners. What kind of amnesia is this?

Therefore, when a Germanist complains, I rejoice — it is wonderful that Merkel destroys the illusions of the germanists and brands Russia as barbarians, like a true Aryan. This is much better than the jesuit policy of “transformation through rapprochement”, which gave rise to perestroika and could have given rise to perestroika 2.0. In fact, our pro-westerners are counting on this — the same Aleksandr Shokhin openly announced it last December.

But the impatience and frankness of the Euro-atlantists shatters these calculations. First they rushed to Belarus, forcing Lukashenko to rush to the Kremlin. And now they are in a hurry to punish their own semi-agents, and now Lavrov has aloud (!) allowed the termination of cooperation with the EU. Maybe thanks to this, we will complete the nationalisation of the elite on such a wave?

Russky Malchik

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