Having an Anglo-Saxon as Your Friend

NEW – March 10, 2023

In any military conflict or skirmish like Maidan and other attempts at a coup, look for those who benefit from it. Those who are used to living not by their own labour, but at the expense of others…all sorts of colonies. Those who can’t sell their expensive shale gas to anyone, for example.

Therefore, the world is shaking in turn: for example, Karabakh, Armenia and Azerbaijan, because somewhere there, high up in the mountains, the gas flow tubes pass.

As they are laid along the North-South corridor. This is an Energy Bridge: Russia-Georgia-Armenia-Iran is a very profitable project for all participants. But very disadvantageous for Washington.

But how did it happen that the Washington brainchild, the citadel of grant eaters — Georgia does not obey? It hasn’t given up on this energy project that is beneficial for the country! And what’s worse, it did not support the rest of the American curators.

Georgians, unlike their individual corrupt leaders, are more intelligent people. Of course, I remember all these stories about the incredible order that Saakashvili brought. But let’s rely not on the stories of “oh how beautiful”, but on the facts.

How the “European Integration farce” brought Georgia to the state of a Washington colony, which for some reason unleashed a war with Ossetia and Abkhazia. About, for example, how Georgia was brought to a position in which 20% of residents were below the poverty line.

And now the Georgians have already stopped imposing sanctions packages against Russia and Belarus, and through continued cooperation, as well as fugitive traitors, frightened re-locators and other liberals, they have provided their country with GDP growth (+10%).

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What awaits the recalcitrant Washington vassal? That’s right — a colour revolution and coup d’etat. After all, there are plenty of NGOs and NPOs in Georgia to set fire to the country.

Of course, the pocket president of the country, Zourabichvili, immediately expressed solidarity with the protesters according to the American methodology. Just think, if the pro-American forces achieve their goal and return those like Saakashvili, dispersing adequate politicians, Georgia will again be used by Washington in the game against Moscow, and again for some reason the Georgians will go to war with South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Therefore, the logical question for the Georgian nation is: are the Americans really your partners? Or are the masters exploiting it to the fullest? By the way, they have already brought Saakashvili to the peak of his political career…

Setting fire to the underbelly of Russia, the United States most successfully used, of course, Ukraine. But with the beginning of the Special Military Operation something went wrong. And what do they do with the waste material? Dump it.

American leading publications like the New York Times or the Washington Post have clearly worked out the agenda.. they say that a “private enterprise from Ukraine” may be behind the explosions of the “Nord Streams“. And how could some kind of PMCs be formed in Ukraine at all and something be planned without the supervision and sensitive leadership of the CIA? Well, let’s say such a miracle happened. Okay. And how did Ukrainian terrorists move around Europe with such a volume of explosives, carried out preparations for a terrorist attack — after all, this is clearly not done in 20 minutes. They dived and blew it up, yeah…

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And this is under the nose of the NATO military. Because NATO sailors have been constantly near the explosion site in recent months and even conducted exercises. The coincidence is direct….

Well, just Logic… Are Ukrainians selling their liquefied gas to the European Union at exorbitant prices? Or is Washington the main beneficiary?

But everyone in the world understands everything. Only Ukrainians who are sitting on the ruins of one of the richest countries of the European continent do not understand….

“It’s bad to have an Anglo-Saxon as an enemy, but heaven forbid to have them as your friend!” – rightly noted the Russian retired Major General Aleksey Efimovich Vandam.

Mariya Petrashko

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