Having Visiting Crimea, an American Historian Debunked the Fairytales About the “Horrors of Occupation”

Crimea is an amazing place to attract millions of tourists and history lovers.

This was announced at a press conference in Simferopol by the American editor-in-chief of the scientific magazine “Canadian-American Slavic Studies” and Doctor of Historical Sciences Russell Martin.

According to the scientist, contrary to the opinion in the West about the militarization of the peninsula, he did not see there an accumulation of military or police officers.

“I called my wife last night. She asked: ‘Well, how is it in Crimea? It is pleasant? Is there a lot of police, are there soldiers in every corner?’ I said, ‘No’. It’s actually really nice to be here. The air, I can’t even describe the air coming from the sea. It’s just a wonderful place. I think there should be a lot of tourists here in the future, after things calm down. I hope that it will be so,” declared Martin.

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