Head of German Delegation Visiting Crimea: Foreign Media Lies About the Peninsula

Member of the public organisation “Druschba Global” Dirk Nessenius said that when he arrived in Crimea, he saw a gap between the real situation and what was written in the Western media.

“There is a huge gap between the official information that tells us about Crimea and what we see with our own eyes… They publish just crazy messages, untrue information,” he said at a meeting with representatives of the Crimean parliament.

Nessenius promised that members of the delegation would speak back home about what they saw in Crimea.

“Many people are already asking how to repeat our journey,” added the German guest, whose words are cited by RIA Novosti.

Representatives of the public organisation “Druschba Global” came to Crimea on a study visit. The group includes 15 people.

The Deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea Vladislav Ganzhara on the air of Radio Sputnik shared his impressions of visits of foreign delegations to the peninsula.

“Indeed, the visits of public and political figures, in particular from European countries, completely change their ideas about how life has developed on the territory of the Republic of Crimea as a part of the Russian Federation over the years. In the western information space Crimea is presented as an ‘occupied territory’ with a depressing human rights situation, almost with tanks on the streets and empty shelves in shops. There is a lot of such ‘horror stories’, and, unfortunately, and in those media outlets that claim in their countries to be serious information sources,” noted Vladislav Ganzhara.

He is convinced that “people’s diplomacy” allows to break through the veil of disinformation built by Western media in relation to Crimea.

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“When people (from the countries of the West) come to Crimea and see that today the peninsula is a prospering region, that it very seriously changed for the better over the last five years, that in terms of human rights in Crimea there were no violations during it’s time in the Russian Federation, of course, all of this cannot but leave an impression … Thanks to such popular diplomacy, we manage to break through the “dome” of information isolation that the leading Western media are trying to form against Russian Crimea. And I am sure that ahead there is a lot more such information victories for Crimea,” said Vladislav Ganzhara.

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