Head of the Schismatic “Kiev Patriarchate”: Hitler Was Sent by God to Punish Sinners

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The head of the Kiev Patriarchate Filaret (Denisenko) considers that Hitler was put on this Earth by God’s connivance in order to punish people for sins…

Paul the Apostle said that any power comes from God. And Hitler also came from God, through who God punished sinners worldwide.

“A question arises for many: and Hitler was sent by God? And Stalin was sent by God? According to the words of the apostle Paul, they were sent by God. Both Hitler and Stalin were sent by God. But it doesn’t mean that this power is kind.

This power acts not according to God’s will, but from God’s connivance, because Hitler brought fascism to Europe and destroyed millions of innocent people, and Stalin starved people to death.

This is a ruler who was sent by God, with God’s connivance. For what? In order to punish people for previous sins and to lead them towards better. And that’s why power from God is kind and the power from God with his connivance is mean,” said Filaret

Besides this, he considers that people are deserve the authorities that govern them, and he again offers a reminder about Stalin, through who God punished intellectuals and the clergy.

“For example, Stalin. Did people deserve such authorities? Yes. Because if to take the 19th century, then both priests and bishops, not to mention intellectuals, forgot about God. God suffered as a result. And how did the clergy behave?

They behaved unworthily. And that’s why God sent such authorities that punished them. Because who did Stalin punish first of all – the clergy, intellectuals, noblemen, writers, and poets.

And then, when the people started to laugh at God, when crosses on temples started to fall, everyone applauded, and war started. I.e., people deserve those authorities that govern them,” stressed Filaret.

He also reported that, being as a part of the delegation of All-Ukrainian Union of Churches, he met the European commissioner.

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Filaret reported that the latter asked him to support the law on same-sex marriages in Ukraine.

The European Commissioner noted that should Ukraine not adopt the law on same-sex marriages, then it won’t be allowed into Europe.

“Then I told him that we will never support it, and then he said: “So then we won’t accept you in Europe!” complained the head of the Kiev Patriarchate.

At the same time Filaret said that Ukraine wants to enter Europe in order to be a democratic country in which fair laws work.

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