Head of OUN: Israeli President “Spat on the Souls” of Ukrainians

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The head of the “Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists” (OUN, banned in Russia) Bogdan Chervak believes that the Israeli President Reuven Rivlin’s words about the collaboration of Ukrainian nationalists with German Nazis during the Second World War was “spitting on the souls of Ukrainians”. Chervak wrote this on his Facebook page.

“What the President of the state of Israel did in the Ukrainian Rada can be interpreted unambiguously as spitting on the soul of Ukrainians,” he said.

According to him, “to accuse the OUN of a Holocaust”, and to do it on the anniversary of the tragedy at Babi Yar is a sign of disrespect to the Ukrainian nation.

“The President of the state of Israel has not seen the new Ukraine”, said Chervak.

He appealed to Ukrainian Jews to persuade Rivlin “to not read Moscow newspapers and to not watch Russian TV channels” — perhaps suggesting that the President of Israel draws information from there.

Speaking in Parliament, Rivlin reminded that many Ukrainians were Nazi collaborators and among them the OUN fighters particularly stood out”.

Babi Yar is a place in the North-West of Kiev where, in 1941, the Germans and their supporting Ukrainian nationalists carried out mass executions of civilians, in particular Jews, Gypsies, and Soviet prisoners of war.

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