Head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Demands to Put Vyatrovich on Trial for Denying the Nazi Symbols of SS “Galicia”

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The statement of Vladimir Vyatrovich, director of the Institute of National Memory, that the symbolics of the SS “Galicia” division do not fall under the action of the law on the ban of nazi symbols, caused an extremely mixed reaction in Ukraine.

As a reminder, Vladimir Vyatrovich stated this in the answer to the query of “Strana”.

After this, the head of the Ukrainian Jewish committee Eduard Dolinsky published on his page on Facebook an appeal to the Prosecutor-General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko in which he demanded to bring Vladimir Vyatrovich to trial. We give below the text of this appeal.

“Mr Prosecutor-General of Ukraine. The statement of the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich that the symbols of the SS ‘Galicia’ division aren’t symbols of the Nazi regime and are allowed in Ukraine is a cynical and impudent distortion of the Law of Ukraine.

Here is the text of the oath of the fighter of this division: ‘I swear before God this holy oath, that in the battle against Bolshevism, I will give absolute obedience to the commander in chief of the German Armed Forces Adolf Hitler, and as a brave soldier, I will always be prepared to lay down my life.’

Note that the soldier of this division swore not to Ukraine, not the Ukrainian people, but personally to Adolf Hitler and swore to give their life for him. Adolf Hitler was the leader of NSDAP and the Führer of Germany. During an oath ceremony the military personnel swore to the national flag of Germany. The nazi flag with a swastika was the official flag of the division. The Nazi regime is guilty of the deaths of millions of Ukrainians. The SS “Galicia” division was a component of the Nazi regime and order.

According to the law of Ukraine the symbols of the Nazi regime, which includes ‘NSDAP symbols, the flag of nazi Germany, the coat of arms, the name NSDAP, images, inscriptions of NSDAP, the image of slogans of NSDAP, quotes of persons who held leading positions in NSDAP, authorities and leadership in Germany, and the territories occupied by it’ are forbidden.

Moreover, the law of Ukraine says that ‘the Nazi regime is recognised in Ukraine as criminal and, leaning on the facts established by the Nuremberg international military court, is condemned as incompatible with the fundamental rights and freedoms of people and citizens’. The tribunal recognized all SS organization as criminal organizations.

Based on the aforementioned I demand to bring to trial Vladimir Vyatrovich for violating the law of Ukraine about the condemnation of communist and nazi totalitarian regime and articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on forgery,” wrote Eduard Dolinsky.

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