“To Hear Everyone”: Ukrainian Regime Spent Half a Million Dollars on Spy Systems for Wiretapping

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



On the verge of big shocks, which inevitably await the country in the nearest future, one of the  domineering groups seriously strengthens its position. With taxpayers’ money, naturally.

As I found out, the State company “Ukrspetseksport” (a part of “Ukroboronprom” under the control of the President’s friend Oleg Gladkovsky) in March imported to the country two espionage super-complexes for wiretapping. Thus, someone acquired at their disposal nothing less than laser guns (optical-acoustic microphones) intended for the hidden recording of conversation at a distance of a kilometer, and the most interesting thing – through windows! Windows not only of houses, but also of cars, airplanes, etc., etc.

If shortly to describe the possibilities of this complex, then they look like this: the car approaches (as a rule, a minivan) with such a device, points the laser “gun” at the windows of the necessary target, it’s configured, a feedback signal is received – and there is no longer a secret.

So you can take a look at the laser microphones bought by Ukraine

If you want to know more about similar toys of intelligence agencies – just google “laser microphone”. I will return to the heart of the matter.

Here it is – scandalous information about the closed customs databases. An exclusive to the website dubinsky.pro.

Deliveries are dated on March 7th and 29th. Customs declarations ІМ/40/АА 305214 and ІМ/40/АА 307192 respectively.

On them in both cases Ukrspetseksport buys the whole special complexes: microphone OAM 2000-K18 LRL for PCs – 1 unit. (including: – the optical-acoustic infrared microphone (18 mW, laser class 3R, 1550 nm, 300-mm zoom lens with servo, 12V supply) – 1 unit; – controller OAM-2000(OAM-E-1000) – 1 unit; -monitor – 1 unit; tripod – 1 unit; case – 3 units).

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The supplier of espionage goods – the Secure Information Management GmbH company from the German city of Neustadt. Here is its catalogue for 2016, we find here those OAM devices (optical-acoustic microphones).

The Germans were overmodest, they didn’t specify the price in the catalog, but in the customs database it is: the first microphone cost Ukraine $213,000, the second – $218,000.

At the same time the contracts for delivery are not direct, i.e. – who would doubt, by the way – there is also an intermediary who rubs their hands at the ever-increasing desire of the Ukrainian authorities – from President to President – to “hear everyone”.

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