“Hell on Earth”: UAF Soldiers Complain About the Squalid Conditions at a Training Ground in the Nikolaev Region

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Photos of the unseemly condition of the Shyroky Lan training ground (Nikolaev region) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shocked users of the Internet.

Photos of the training ground were published on Facebook by Yulia Matvienko.

“And again Shyroky Lan … hell on earth, which they haven’t been able to bring to a normal condition in the 5th year of war… separatists don’t behave like that to their fodder, like we do… When the Generals next ask WHY they [UAF soldiers – ed] don’t want to remain on CONTRACT, they should just imagine living there for at least one day…” she writes.

Everything is clear in the photos, words aren’t needed: the tents are completely swamped in dirt, and in some the water raised to such a level that it’s just impossible to sleep in them.

“We have to always speak about this with the word ‘f*ck'”, “it would be good to lodge our deputies there, for at least a week, everything would immediately change”, “Romanticism”, “Maldives, Seychelles” – some of the comments of users regarding the photos.

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