“Heroes of Stalingrad” Avenue in Kiev Could Be Renamed Into “Heroes of OUN-UPA” Avenue

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Kiev can rename Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue in the Obolonsky district into Hereos of OUN-UPA Avenue. A petition with such a proposal was registered on the Kiev City Council’s website.

“At a time when Russian weapons kill Ukrainian soldiers, terrorise the civilians of Donbass, and destroy Ukrainian cities and villages, it is unacceptable to heroise the historical victories of Russian weapons. Fighters of OUN-UPA fought for an independent Ukrainian State, and we have to raise the younger generation on the example of our heroes, and not the enemy. The so-called ‘defenders of Stalingrad’ have no relation to the fight of the Ukrainian people for our independence, and therefore this name must be changed, since it doesn’t bear any historical value for the memory of the Ukrainian people,” writes the author of the petition Ivan Kondratyuk.

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