History and Propaganda: Western Anti-Russia Infographic About the Great Patriotic War

History was always used as propaganda. Especially our, Russian, history. And our enemies especially like to be involved in this. They (and their fellow tribespeople) love to give Russian history the dirtiest, the most indecent look. The purpose is simple and crystal clear: to depreciate Russian history, and thereby our country and us, in the opinion of the target of propaganda, since in the eyes of both their fellow tribespeople and natives (those who trust the propaganda of others).

Propagandists convince fellow tribespeople that “bad” Russia with its “bad” people who have such “bad” history can and even should be destroyed (for the sake of a good purpose of course – to return Russians to the “correct” Catholicism, to free the native inmates of the “prison of nations”, to spread democracy, and most importantly – to save fragile, highly valuable, and correct European civilisation, with shining like a polished penny, “universal” values). If not to destroy, then to “correct”, having put as the leaders corrupt native gauleiters who are painted with emotion at the sight of a wrapper with western chewing gum inside.

And to achieve these filthy objectives our enemies use a legion of corrupt natives and simply useful idiots who distribute enemy propaganda for free, at the behest of a rotten soul. They try to convince us that the history of Russia is wrong, terrible, servile, black, poor, and bloody in comparison with the white and shining western history where there were only Mozart, Shakespeare, Raphael, and Gay-Lussac.

And what is characteristic is that nothing is sacred for our native propagandists: they will grow beards and start to throw mud at the Soviet period, glorifying the Russian Empire, then they will shave beards and will start to glorify the Soviet Union, slinging mud at the already modern Russia, then they will grow beards and wear swastikas, in general denying all of Russian history, offering instead the fantastic Vedic Tartaria. And all literally enter into hysterics, squalling that we and our ancestors pissed away the “great country”, hinting (sometimes openly) that modern Russia is artificial and has no right to exist.

And since the whole history of Russia is either a bloody mess and slavery or wasted elvish Rus, it is impossible to feel sorry for such a country and it is necessary to feel inferior to the “civilised people”. And because a terrible and servile country doesn’t invoke pity, why not destroy it by overthrowing the “tyrants” ruling such a “bad” country? It seems to everyone that all is clear, but where in this case do so many fools who are caught by cheap tricks of enemy propaganda come from? This for me is a mystery.

Here it is, a picture from our enemies: “Death toll of the USSR in the Great Patriotic War”

Here, for example, is how the feat of our ancestors during the days of the Great Patriotic War is depreciated. I once saw from one type of “Marxist”, who was filled with delight at the sight of the American star-spangled mattress, one interesting infographic (a kind of comic strip for those who are too lazy to bewail a couple of pages of text) where the losses of the republics of the USSR during the years of war are shown.

And here there is such evident propaganda. It would seem that there is nothing to fault? Here I didn’t immediately understand until I started to think about what I was seeing and not just run it past my eyes. At first, the numbers of Soviet soldiers who died in the war don’t correspond. The matter is that the number of perished Soviet soldiers, partisans, and underground fighters have long been counted and supported by documents and demographic calculations – it is 8.6 million people (including those who died in captivity, those who died from wounds, and missing persons). It used to be possible to lie about 44 million perished Soviet soldiers (like one tale narrator who taught everyone to live in an honest way) – now this doesn’t work and liars are beaten for a lie with a candelabrum. And so, in the infographic the number of perished Soviet soldiers is equal to 10.7 million people! Someone took and “killed” an additional 2.1 million of our ancestors.

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It is modest, of course, it can’t compared to 44 million, but it is impossible to lie so impudently anymore. But Russophobic lies are introduced to the reader so imperceptibly – like saying the Germans were overloaded with corpses because the Russians aren’t able to fight, in difference from cultural Europeans. Well, another reason to howl about “bloody Bolsheviks” and the “executioner Stalin”.

Where did this affirmation come from, and is there really any information about it? It turns out that it wasn’t taken from thin air, it was taken from Vadim Erlikhman’s book. No, Erlikhman is a real scientist, but he only became famous as a translator of Irish legends and the composition Venerable Bede, and also popular books about King Artur, Robin Hood, and Count Dracula. Demographic calculations are obviously not his element. Judge from the pearls in this book:

  • “In addition, scientists base their calculations on the results of the 1939 census and the ‘banned’ 1937 census which, most likely, were forged”.

Oh, how convenient it is to declare that these censuses are “most likely forged”, and such creative space immediately opens up.

  • “From them only 10-15% were criminals-recidivists, and the others were petty crooks condemned for various, most often minor offences to hard labor in a GULAG. With the known reservation they can also be attributed to the victims of the communist regime”.

Oh sure, stealing from a warehouse constitutes combatting the regime. Being caught on a bribe means they are an innocent victim of Stalinism. Being arrested for speculation means they were unambiguously condemned despite being innocent.

  • “Meanwhile, mortality in certain northern camps reached 300% per year…”.

Yeah, its exactly like Auschwitz. By the way, what a “certain northern camp” is, the reader isn’t told.

  • “… according to the estimates of V.V. Tsaplin, in 1939 525,000 prisoners died”.

In fact, referring to an article from 1990 in 2004 is already somehow unpresentable, especially since here Tsaplin also refers to Solzhenitsyn (the time was such). Moreover, Tsaplin drew conclusions on quite shaky grounds: “By the end of 1938, 117,630 prisoners were registered at Dalstroy. In 1939, 70,953 persons were delivered and 26,176 prisoners were ‘factually released’ (quote from document. — V.Ts.). Therefore, the number of prisoners would have to increase almost by 45,000 and total about 162,630 people. However, in fact the average number of prisoners in 1939 is determined by Dalstroy to be 121,915 people. Therefore, this is nearly 41,000 prisoners, i.e., more than 25% of their possible total, fewer… In the language of these documents ‘unloading’ meant mass destruction… With a mortality rate of 25%, the number of prisoners will be 75% of their greatest possible quantity”.

Well, what can be said: 1) It is impossible to draw conclusions about the entire period of Stalin’s time using the data of 1938-39; 2) The term ‘unloading’ didn’t mean mass destruction. It meant releasing disabled prisoners to hospitals, sending them to other camps, etc.; 3) Writing off the decrease in the number of prisoners exclusively on death is already impudent lies.

  • “The leadership of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs itself didn’t know the exact number of prisoners…”.

And here I have only non normative lexicon for this!

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Well it seems to Erlikhman that there weren’t enough human sacrifices in our history – and so he appends what he considers to be the “truth”. Especially referring to such “beacons of truth” as Volkogonov.

It is such “objective” material in the book of Erlikhman (honestly, it would be better if he continued to write about Robin Hood) that our infographic is based on. As a result, a funny thing arrives. If the losses of the civilian population on the territory where fighting was ongoing on and were occupied by the Germans and their allies are clear, then where did such victims in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, and Azerbaijan come from? There, even if military operations were taking place, it could only have happened in a parallel reality. Or the author hints that the bloody KGB helped out? Well Erlikhman writes that in the USSR camps (allegedly pure analogs of Auschwitz) existed where three times per year all prisoners were destroyed. Or did he include a natural population loss as a victim of the war? It is general a mystery. And this is how in the propaganda infographic there were civilian victims of war where there was no war.

Well, concerning the “victims” in Kazakhstan – what one won’t do for the sake of denouncing the “crimes of the bloody Stalin regime”… Oh, we saw an even more sophisticated lie. But concerning the victims of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia it is much more interesting. One will look at the losses and will simply start to sob at how the current Baltic fascist regime fought against the Germans. But maybe one won’t believe this and will verify it? Does anyone know about the mass murder of Lithuanians, burned with all the inhabitants of a Lithuanian farm? Unaware? I am unaware because the Lithuanians were the faithful dogs of the German fascists. But who then died? Generally Jews. In Lithuania – 190,000 Jews, in Estonia – approximately 8,000 Jews, and in Latvia – approximately 70,000 Jews died (meaning Jews who initially lived on the territory of these countries because the Germans brought Jews from all over Europe to die in the Baltic states, killing them without unnecessary witnesses). They also killed Baltic “offended” Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians. In total, according to the official figures the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, approximately 8,000 locals died at the hands of the fascist aggressor, i.e., Estonians actually didn’t die – mainly Jews were killed. Now we look at the non-worthy infographic – according to the picture, the little unfortunate ally of the Third Reich lost 50,000 civilians. Does it seem to anyone else that something is wrong here?

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But we will return to Lithuania on the infographic. If 190,000 people are Jews, then 60,000 are probably Lithuanians? No, of course not. Erlikhman, without pondering about it, documented the reduction of the population concerning all reasons as victims of war. And there was also emigration, or more precisely – escaping the Baltic henchmen of fascists along with the Wehrmacht. In total 250,000 people escaped three Baltic republics to evade fair punishment. After war these Baltic executioners and murderers settled well in the US, Canada, Australia, and other countries from where they continued to shit on the Soviet Union. And then the kids of these traitors and executioners, when they grew up, continued the cause of their fathers and grandfathers in the field of hating Russia.

In the infographic the Baltic accomplices were “victims of war”, together with the Jews who they also killed. This is the second lie about the great losses of the little proud Balts that is unostentatiously presented to us in this infographic.

But who drew this lie? Some cantor called “Nastoyashcheye Vremya” [“Present Time” – ed]. I didn’t know until now that such a thing in general exists. I climbed into the all-powerful Google and all-knowing Wikipedia, and I found…

Nastoyashcheye Vremya is a Russian-language TV channel with an editorial office in Prague, a joint media project of Radio “Svoboda” and “Golos Ameriki” [Voice of America – ed]. The TV channel is financed by the grants of U.S Congress through the US Agency for Global Media.

Yes yes, this picture was drawn by Radio “Svoboda” through its “Nastoyashcheye Vremya” branch in Prague, and these are the most real agents of the State Department, because Radio “Svoboda” is a unit of the CIA and is financed by the US State Department.

I understand that paid agents of enemy propaganda are paid to do this. But here are people who are too lazy to switch on their brains and think about onto who they are palming off such simple pictures, and most importantly, I don’t understand why. Really, there are people who believe that the West wants the best for Russia? No, never did the West want the best for Russia. They don’t even consider us as equals. So, they sit down at the negotiating table with Iran, North Korea, even with bandits from the Palestine Liberation Organisation [the PLO being in bed with Tel Aviv is a well-documented phenomenon – ed], but Westerners have disdain for sitting down here at the negotiating table with Russia. Just give us demands, ultimatums, silence our delegations, denying them the right to speak, support the latest fascists, scum, and terrorists if they are against Russia, but refuse to talk to us. And they flood their countries and Russia with cheap anti-Russia propaganda, like the picture mentioned above.

Therefore be vigilant and attentive, and verify who is telling you the “truth” about our past, what they are telling you, and why.


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