Hitler at the Symbolic Coffin of Pilsudski: A Historical Reminder

There is a strong desire to offer a remind to the Poles and the in-support liberals who moaned during the past few days about the “treacherous” [Molotov-Ribbentrop – ed] pact

The year is 1935. The news about the death of the Polish Leader Pilsudski caused big agitation. Goering, for example, came to the body in Poland in the first row. All the biggest German newspapers came out with condolences on the front pages. Völkischer Beobachter, for example, wrote: “New Germany lowers its flags and standards in front of the coffin of this great statesman, who for the first time had the courage to have open trust and a full alliance with the national-socialist Reich”.

Adolf Hitler declared national mourning in the Reich and sent a telegram to the Polish president, where he wrote:

I am deeply moved by the news of the death of Marshal Pilsudski, and I express to Your Excellency and the Polish government my sincere condolences. Poland lost in the Marshal the creator of her new country and her most faithful son, summoned to eternity. Together with the Polish people, the German people also mourn the death of this great patriot who through full cooperation with the Germans rendered big service not only to our countries, but also rendered invaluable help in calming Europe.

To Pilsudski’s wife Aleksandra, Hitler wrote: “The sad news about the death of your spouse, his Excellency Marshal Pilsudski, wounded very deeply. Dear lady and her family, please accept the assurances of my deep sympathy. I will forever keep an image of the deceased in my grateful memory”.

Moreover, Hitler ordered to organise in the Berlin cathedral a mass at the symbolical coffin of Pilsudski.

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“What countries concluded agreements and treaties with Hitler and when:

1933 – Great Britain, France, Italy – four-power pact
1934 – Poland – Hitler-Pilsudski pact
1935 – Great Britain – Anglo-German naval agreement
1936 – Japan – Anti-Comintern pact
1938, September – Great Britain – non-aggression pact
1938, December – France – non-aggression pact
1939, March – Romania – economic agreement
1939, March – Lithuania – non-aggression pact
1939, May – Italy – pact of friendship and alliance
1939, May – Denmark – non-aggression pact
1939, June – Estonia – non-aggression pact
1939, June – Latvia – non-aggression pact
1939, August – USSR – non-aggression pact

Yet everyone is only talking about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact


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