Hitler-Jugend of the Verkhovna Rada: Part 2

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The son of the Radical Party deputy Igor Popov, Bogdan, didn’t “get into bad company”, but is the founder of several organisations with very radical views, where they come out with such phrases as “f*ck IDPs”, “slash Armenians”, and “impeach Jews”. Also, the school student, judging by social networks, is an activist of the “National Corpus” – he posts photos from events, and in addition – with the leader of “Azov” Andrey Biletsky.

On the Internet the son of the people’s deputy populates pages under the nickname “Bogdan Pravedny”. He is the administrator of the groups “National protest”, “Crazy Aryan”, “RUNA”, “Black sun”, and “White warrior”. All of them propagandise violence and kindle ethnic hatred.

At first the school students shared their ideas on the Internet and declared war against the regime, where they designated a list of enemies.

“To immigrants, the globalisation of tolerance, participants and activists of LGBT, addicts, drug dealers, right-wing radicals who do nothing for their country, and Avakov’s crime,” writes RUNA.

“Bogdan Pravedny” listed in the contacts of the group

And he promises to act radically and to the last drop of blood.

“National protest” brings up more “serious questions”“who commits genocide against Ukrainians presently”. “I will begin with the fact that we impeach Jews. These individuals consider that they are the real owners of Ukraine. For them we are temporary residents on their territories, who need to be removed. But they too cunning to kill every at once. They abandoned the ones in Donbass and they persuaded others that there is a need to go to Europe because there it is better,” say the activists, explaining and illustrating their posts with photos of the acting President of the country.

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In the same place they urge to kill people for the colour of their skin.

“You must be ready to commit an infernal massacre. It is necessary to kill every Armenian that you meet. Sh*t on the law, after all, if the law forbids you to be the master on your own land, it means that this law is created to destroy you,” said the teenagers, explaining their position.

In the contacts Bogdan Pravedny is specified (the page of who was already removed on November 29th)

In an exchange they promise “a magnificent feast in Valhalla!”.

The group “White warrior” publishes quotes of “their idols” Adolf Hitler, Franco, and Benito Mussolini. But here “Crazy Aryan” has a slightly different orientation, they publish photos of teenagers and humiliate them.

And again Bogdan Pravedny is specified in the contacts

Bogdan has posts from these communities on his page, he has photos with the slogan “f*ck IDPs”. However, the guy was very cautious – he tried to his face in all pictures.

Also, the teenagers began to recruit adherents of their views this summer, the demands – 15 years or older and a short hairstyle. In nationalist groups they wrote such announcements:

Recruitment is being carried out for the initiative-patriotic organisation with elements of white nationalism “RUNA” (Radical Ukrainian Nationalist Alliance). The requirements of the candidate: Age 15+. Short hairstyle. Disciplined. Is active. Belongs to this subculture.

Bogdan’s profile is specified as a contact.

However, on November 29th, the guy removed his page on “VK”, it happened at around 23.00. But on Facebook the page so far remains – in the summer he complained about persecution.

On Bogdan’s Facebook page it is visible that the son shares his father’s posts

“No persecution of its leaders, no blame, no slander could damage our movement, which came out stronger as a result of all the persecution, because our ideas are right, and there is no doubt that our aims are pure and that our supporters have the readiness for self-sacrifice,” wrote Bogdan.

Earlier in the media information appeared that the teenager is involved in other similar crimes on the territory of the region. Moreover, robberies of shops by unknown persons in masks with weapons occurred nearly daily. But the police say that suspicion was presented in only one case.

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“It was there where the teenagers were caught red-handed. The court prescribed around-the-clock house arrest. And as for the other episodes, they are being verified. We can’t make any accusations so simply, without proof or the presentation of suspicion. And on the other hand we can’t say that they aren’t involved,” said the Obolonsky regional department of the police of Kiev to “Vesti”.

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