Hitler-Jugend of the Verkhovna Rada

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


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The children of deputies of the Ukrainian parliament pose on social networks with military weapons and attribute themselves to sympathy towards Hitler’s ideology, writes the Kiev “Vesti” newspaper.

The newspaper stumbled upon the social network page of the eldest son of the people’s deputy from “Samopomich” Tatyana Ostrikova – 15-year-old Georgy Gushchesov.

“In the very first photo on Georgy’s ‘VKontakte’ page – young boys use their bodies to form a swastika. ‘Hitler would admire them, but they are ours!’ Georgy wrote, including a emoticon in the form of a yellow-blue flag. The boy is also an admirer of brands of clothes for football hooligans. On his page he shares a reminder about what they stand for,” reports the newspaper.

And here the juvenile son of the odious deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Anton Gerashchenko showes on social networks love for weapons:

“On his pages we found pictures where the child is shooting from a portable Kalashnikov machine gun, and, judging by the ammunition clip, using service cartridges. Also he aims a ‘Makarov’ pistol. And at home he poses with two pistols exactly like his father in the known picture – having crossed his hands. However, the fingers of the boy are on triggers. In other pictures Viktor pulls out the pin of a RGD-5 grenade, the splinters of which can scatter across 7 meters.

“Also, in one of last year’s pictures Viktor poses with a dead hare – he holds the pray by its ears, it was killed, most likely, by a bullet,” it is noted in the newspaper.

The son of one of People’s Deputies was detained for assault in the Obolon district of the Ukrainian capital. This was reported by “Insider”, referring to sources in law enforcement bodies.

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It is noted that a balaclava and a “Retay” air pistol of caliber 9 mm with cartridges was confiscated from the detainee. A bit later the second robber was also arrested.

Soon it became known that the son of Igor Popov, the former head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine and deputy from the “Radical Party” of Oleg Lyashko was one of the detainees.

“In my family there is trouble. My 14 year-old son got into bad company and committed a serious offense. This is my fault – that I didn’t dedicate enough time to his education, it was an oversight that I didn’t prevent it. I apologise to the victims, to society, to my family, to my best team. Thank God everyone is alive, an investigation will take place, the guilty persons will bear responsibility without exception, let it became a lesson for both my son and I.

I ask not to connect my trouble to politics or someone’s intrigues. If I wasn’t a public figure, I would suffer silently. Friends will support me morally, I ask the press not to savour some details. I will disappear for a while from the air and will stay with my family,” wrote Popov on his page on Facebook.

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