Hive of Soros: Zelensky No Longer Hides His Alliance With Poroshenko

The team of Vladimir Zelensky, who refused to prosecute the predecessor of Petro Poroshenko, works for high positions in the government of Ukraine controlled by Soros-paid odious grant-eaters from the environment of the former president, and also helps the recently dismissed head of the Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovitch to get the mandate of the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada.

This was reported by the people’s deputy Maksim Buzhansky, who is considered to be a representative of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky‘s wing competing with Soros employees.

According to Buzhansky, Vyatrovitch will receive a mandate due to the fact that the previous day the wife of the former Prosecutor General Irina Lutsenko refused the duties of a parliamentarian, citing health problems (critics claim that she and her husband are preparing to escape abroad).

“I observe with interest the unexpected alliance of ‘Servants of the People’ and ‘European Solidarity’. The ‘EU’ needs Vyatrovitch to be brought to the Rada instead of Irina Lutsenko, before who in the list is Mrs. Boyko, or to be more precise – was in the list. So Boyko’s off the list, and… And in some incredible way she becomes the Prime Minister’s adviser.

In this regard, I have only two questions: for what purpose does our Cabinet of Ministers help Poroshenko to bring Vyatrovitch to Parliament? Don’t do we have already too much people in and around the Cabinet of Ministers?” resents Buzhansky.

His colleague, who also represents Kolomoisky’s group, the deputy Aleksandr Dubinsky, draws attention to the employment of another former member of Poroshenko’s team, the former deputy Svetlana Zalishuk, known for supporting gay parades in Kiev.

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“LGBT activist Svetlana Zalischuk became an adviser to Prime Minister Aleksey Goncharuk on foreign policy issues. ‘In the team of the Prime Minister I will be responsible for the preparation of his international meetings and international visits,’ – said Zalischuk. In fact, we have not very doubted the direction of the ‘international meetings of the Prime Minister’ before. But they no longer hide it,” comments Dubinsky.

In the published photo he draws attention to the fact that next to Zalishuk with a gay flag in a yellow t-shirt there is Aleksey Mushak – adviser to the new prime minister on land issues.

“It’s not the Cabinet of Ministers, but the hive of Soros!” he said with amazement.

Mikhail Ryabov

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