How Banderists Tried to Disrupt May Day Rallies in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Nikolaev, and Zhytomyr

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


It appears that the fight between police officers and a grandmother in Odessa was not the only collision to happen on May 1st.

In Dnepropetrovsk police officers detained and made an administrative report on an elderly woman who went near the demonstration on May 1st in a red scarf with a St. George’s Ribbon.

This was reported by “Radio Svoboda” with reference to the regional police department.

She was detained on the central Yavornitsky Avenue near the Opera theater. The rally of one of the political forces and the procession of labor unions took place nearby, but the woman wasn’t in the column.

As the police noted, the St. George’s Ribbon that was attached to the woman’s bag was confiscated.

“This woman was born in 1939. She was alone, not in the column. She didn’t shout out any slogans. An administrative report under Article 173/3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine about administrative offenses was written. The Article prescribes punishment in the form of a penalty from 850 to 2550 hryvnia, with the confiscation of the St. George’s Ribbon,” reported the press secretary of the regional police Olga Kuznetsova.

About 100 participants marched from the House of the Unions to the building of the City Council of Dnepropetrovsk. A conflict happened because of a red flag that was held up by communists. Participants held in posters in the hand featuring the slogans: “Poroshenko, guarantee observance of the Constitution or go away”, “Overtime work humiliates dignity. Give a 6-hour working day and a salary from €1,000 a month”, and “Gang, go away”.

Elsewhere, in Kiev the route for the march of workers organised by the deputy Sergey Kaplin was cut off by Dmitry Shevchuk with a flag of Ukraine in his hands, and he tried to stop the march, but he was quickly taken away by the police. The participants walked in a column from Central Department Store to European Square. “Stop! What are you doing? All of this is against Ukraine! Who needs this? Putin? These are Putin agents and traitors!” shouted the opponent to participants.

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In Zhytomyr nationalists tried to prevent pensioners from holding a meeting on Cathedral Square. Several dozens of elderly persons came to Cathedral Square with posters: “Stop tariff genocide” and “A decent salary and pension for each citizen”.

Participants at the event unraveled red flags. In their speeches the participants sharply criticised the current authorities. Nationalists outvoiced the slogans of the pensioners with “Shame!” and shouted that “Bandera and Shukhevych are Heroes of Ukraine!”. Also, pensioners and nationalists sharply exchanged words, however there were no clashes.

In Nikolaev an attempt was made to disrupt a demonstration, having poured Zelenka near the entrance of the house of its organiser – the head of the regional organisation “Committee of Labor Union of Certified Staff of Internal Affairs bodies of the Nikolaev Region” Vladimir Pika.

A group rushed at the man and splashed him with Zelenka. His face and clothes were dirtied, He was forced to go back home. But the procession took place anyway. 100 locals participated in it.

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