How Did Ukraine Get Ahead of the EU Countries in Terms of Gas Reserves?

NEW – July 10, 2022

This drawing is taken from an article in which the author gave the following comment.

“And it is not surprising that the EU is so attentive to the preservation of Ukrainian transit. While in Ukraine… in the Lvov underground gas storage (to be more precise) there is an abundance of gas, Europeans can sleep peacefully. And if stocks accumulate there up to 80-90% of the filling, then great joy will be felt in the EU about this.”

According to the numbers in the figure, it is not difficult to calculate that Ukraine is the only country among the above whose reserves on July 9th exceed 20% of the annual demand. And this is despite the fact that for more than six months there was a wide discussion about whether Ukraine would survive the winter on its energy reserves or not (by the way, it was clear that it would survive by stopping part of the industry and turning on the nuclear power plant to full, which the “experts” did not take into account in the calculations).

Nevertheless, at the time of the beginning of its energy resources in Ukraine were “at the very bottom”, and for another month their reserves had to decrease due to the heating season. So how was the current result achieved? After all, the volume of Russian gas sales to the EU began to decline only in May.

This is not a Newton binomial. Russia still does not prevent the flow of energy resources from the right bank of the Dnieper to the left bank, which accounts for the lion’s share of Ukraine’s energy resources. Well, it just happened by chance that even at the first stage of the Special Military Operation, our troops did not destroy oil and gas production on the left bank.

However, the transit of Russian oil and gas through the territory of Ukraine also continues.

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Note. The maps clearly show which part of western Ukraine Poland is really interested in. The one where oil and gas rigs are shown. But Poland does not need the population of these places.


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