How Do I Feel About Russia’s Military Operation in Ukraine?

NEW – August 26, 2022

How do I feel about the Special Military Operation?

Before my eyes, the West destroyed Ukraine in February 2014. Before my eyes, the West built Anti-Russia on the ruins of Ukraine. Before my eyes, the West has divided all citizens of Ukraine into Russians – those who still consider themselves part of the Russian world, and anti-Russians – those who consider themselves part of the Western world.

Before my eyes, Zelensky swore to bring peace to Ukraine at any cost, but became president and betrayed all voters. Before my eyes, Zelensky refused to comply with the Minsk Agreements, spat on the red lines of Russia – pulled Ukraine into NATO and NATO bases into Ukraine. And he even talked about the return of nuclear status to Ukraine a week before the start of the Special Military Operation.

Before my eyes, Zelensky was preparing to attack the DPR and LPR: he closed all opposition TV channels, shut up the entire opposition, intensified the policy of Russophobia and hatred of Russia, and began persecuting everyone who was for peace. Zelensky’s continuation of the civil war in Ukraine, which Turchynov started in 2014, was inevitable.

On February 24, when the whole world heard President Putin’s address about the beginning of the military operation, I was in Kiev. I remember my first emotions very well: finally! Finally, Ukraine has a chance for peace. A chance to free ourselves from the occupation of NATO and the Russophobic regime of Zelensky.

I understood very well then that the Zelensky regime and the nazis would begin get revenge for the Special Military Operation against those whom they could “reach out” to: me and public people like me in Ukraine, who for all 8 years had advocated for peace and were against Zelensky and his Russophobic regime. I understood that I might not live to see the Russian victory, but I put victory above my own life.

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Many have suffered more than me. But I also went through harassment, searches, interrogations and criminal prosecution before I managed to leave Ukraine. Yes, the Special Military Operation has been going on for six months. Yes, many wanted the operation to be completed soon. And I have no doubt that Russia has both military capabilities and the appropriate types of weapons for this.

But President Putin has repeatedly stated that Ukrainians and Russians are one nation. That Russia is not at war with the citizens of Ukraine, but with the Zelensky regime. This means that the methods of conducting such an operation must be humane. Putin set such a task for the Russian army. So the operation itself can not be fast.

It is Zelensky who is at war with Russians in Russia, in the DPR, LPR and Ukraine. It is Zelensky’s terrorist regime that is shelling civilians in Donetsk. And in Kiev and Lvov, residents have already forgotten where the bomb shelters are: they are not afraid of Russian missiles, because they understand that Russia does not fight civilians, and missiles hit military targets.

Russia fights as if it were freeing its own people, while Ukraine seems to be protecting strangers.

So how do I feel about Special Military Operation? Just like my compatriots in 1943: how to liberate Ukraine from nazi occupation. And believe me, who lived in Kiev all 8 years after 2014, and not Zelensky’s liar jester: Ukraine is precisely occupied, and the regime that the West brought to power in Ukraine is precisely a nazi one. And this regime has destroyed a lot of people in 8 years in Ukraine.

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Aleksandr Skubchenko

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