How France Debunked Its Own Syrian “Moderate Rebel” Fairytale

By Ollie Richardson

About France’s oh so humanitarian gesture towards the people of Eastern Ghouta, Syria….

For those unfamiliar with the latest “touching” news involving France and Eastern Ghouta in Syria, here is a primer:

“Russia’s Antonov An-124 Ruslan military transport plane has delivered 44 tonnes of humanitarian cargo from the French Chatearoux airport to Syria’s Hmeymim airfield, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Saturday. The cargo was dispatched to Syria in accordance with the decision on a joint project to provide humanitarian aid to the Syrian population made by the Russian and French presidents in St. Petersburg on May 24.

‘An An-124 Ruslan plane operated by the Russian Aerospace Forces has delivered 44 tonnes of humanitarian cargo to Syria’s Hmeymim airfield from the French Chatearoux airport to provide relief aid to civilians,’ the ministry said.

The Russian aircraft delivered medicines and emergency medical care medications, clothes, tents, medical equipment and basic necessities.

The medicines and essentials delivered to Syria ‘will be handed over to meet the needs of the civilian population, which is still in dire need of assistance, in Eastern Ghouta (Douma), particularly for emergency medical care in hospitals managed by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent,’ the ministry noted.

‘The cargo will be escorted in accordance with the UN regulations with Russia’s support and in keeping with international humanitarian law,’ the Russian Defense Ministry stressed.”

Now onto the crux of the matter. As is known by all, France’s position in relation to Eastern Ghouta was very similar to the collective’s West’s position in relation to Aleppo. I.e., the blood-thirsty Russian bear was closing in on the “innocent revolutionaries” who were resisting the “tyrant” Assad. French TV broadcasted at least one “SMART News Agency”/White Helmets propaganda piece per day to sell the narrative that Ghouta is some territory that is separate to the Syrian State, and is almost a member of the EU/NATO. Thus, if Assad attacks Ghouta, it apparently would be the same as an attack on a NATO/EU country, and thus Article 51 can be invoked at any moment!

French media, like all MSM outlets, was very careful to not show too much of the “rebel” enclave. The White Helmets served as the main aesthetics – generic running around and shouting, with rubble around and smoke in the air. This was enough to convince the MSM-consuming layperson that something bad has happened, and America’s little “White Helmet” helpers are here to save the day and to protect the precious liberal/“democratic” order – kind of like the Normandy landings 2.0.

The closer the Syrian Army and the accompanying Russian Air Force came to the “rebel” positions in Ghouta, the less and less French media spoke about this “besiegement”. But at first it was as if actual genocide was ongoing, and a Hague tribunal awaited Assad and/or Putin. For example, April 10th’s issue of the Le Parisien daily newspaper was adamant that every building in the parts of Syria controlled by the legitimate government was producing chemical weapons:

However, the collective West had a problem: how to show the world that inside Ghouta there are innocent “revolutionaries” who want the “tyrant” Assad out, and at the same time not show the truth – that Ghouta was being held hostage by the West’s jihadists… Enter the chemical weapons false flag.

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This staged event helped to allow the cameras the float around inside Ghouta for a bit longer in a controlled manner (show the “crime scene”, interview “locals” who are convinced “Assad did it”) without exposing their own scam (showing Al Qaeda flags and takfiri graffiti on walls, etc).

But there was one more problem: this was always going to have a very temporary effect, since the Syrian state is recognised by the UN, and thus Ghouta is recognised as a being subject of Syrian laws. Plus, if Assad had committed atrocities, then dragging him to the International Criminal Court should be as easy as it was with Serbs and Africans. I.e., the West had to be careful to not criticise the very laws that they exploit in the name of “humanitarian interventions” – if you are going to wave around the UN charter and maybe even mock vials of “anthrax”, then you must also die by the sword. Assad is legitimate according to the West’s own version of “international law”, unless the definition of “democracy” changed in recent times?

But as is known, time is money, and in this sense, France was almost bankrupt. Videos were being released en masse showing the residents of Ghouta running towards the Syrian Arab Army/Russian Military Police, embracing and thanking them for liberating them.

France knew this information bomb was coming. So, as is now the European norm, France dropped the topic of Ghouta from the headlines, like a child flinging an unfashionable toy into the bin. Ukraine is a more severe example of this tactic – a total blackout was imposed to cover up how the collective West bulldozed a sovereign country and slaughtered its population.

If in the past one could expect to see videos of “barrel bombs” and Russian “warplanes” “terrorising” the “revolutionary” citizens of Ghouta almost every day, then when the area had been totally liberated there was only tumbleweed in the French media. But there was a need to tie up loose ends. France’s policy was that Russia and Assad had “invaded” this imaginary parallel Syria, which was born in 2011 and has no connection to history or simply facts. However, Paris’ official communiques expressed “concern” about the humanitarian situation in Ghouta, especially since it had now “fallen” because of “evil” Assad’s bombardmentThe fact that since 2011 France had never actually sent actual aid to these “revolutionary” “rebels”, or to anyone in Syria who actually was a victim of genuine violations of International law seemingly doesn’t matter, but they did factually send batches of weapons – something that Macron & Co didn’t publicise, strangely enough. Of course, it’s not sure how a missile can solve a famine, but anyway…

And now we come back to the first section of this article: France has, for the first time, delivered actual aid to Ghouta. Putting to one side the OPCW’s announcement about the lack of Sarin traces, why would France work with the “monster” Russia to deliver aid to Ghouta?

And it is here that the deliberate inconsistencies jump out into the eyes. Russia was consistent with its aims before, during, and after the Ghouta offensive. Russia affirmed that there were terrorists there, and that the Syrian state would cleanse its land of them. In this regard, at no point during the war can Russia be accused of moving the goalposts. There is enough proof showing that the residents wanted the Syrian Army to liberate them, and that Al Qaeda was indeed holding them hostage. However, France’s stated aims are not consistent at all. They said that Russia/Assad was massacring innocent civilians who were resisting the “regime”. So why has France just worked with the “monster” Russia to deliver aid to the same Ghouta that Russia was, apparently, wrongly bombing and “seizing”?

If what France was saying in the past was correct, then it is simply unimaginable that such cooperation could happen! After all, Russia is the enemy that massacres people like Hitler (another “friend” of the West) did! The French media repeated this thesis non-stop, on TV and in the newspapers. The very fact that France made this joint delivery of humanitarian aid proves (according to the West’s version of international law, where the definition of “proof” is subjective, and there is no need for tangible proof, as Colin Powell showed) that the fairytale about the “brave, democratic rebels” resisting the “butcher” Assad was a pack of lies. Otherwise, why doesn’t French media go to Ghouta now and question the residents about what happened over the past few months? What’s the problem, they will say good things about Assad and Russia?

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If Russia really was the “monster” that the French media depicted it to be during the entire Syrian war, then what can be said about Macron, who now cooperates with this “monster”? Putin’s hands are, allegedly, elbow-deep in blood, so how can Macron even speak to Moscow, let alone use its Antonov planes to deliver aid to a city it controls?

The truth is that once the jihadists were removed, France had to drop the Ghouta topic like a hot potato. And now, when the World Cup distraction has ended, France tries to “tie up loose ends” by almost pretending that France was on Russia’s side during the entire war. Of course, the uninformed layperson will swallow this. Actually, the most alarming thing in all of this is how easy it is to dupe a nation. The average person in the street is too busy with selfies and celebrating the World Cup victory (in “evil” Russia, remember!) to even do basic maths or to care about things that directly affect their lives. Even if Macron’s security guard behaves like the “moderate” rebels in Syria in front of the cameras, there will be no outrage.

It will be very interesting to see how the MSM presents the upcoming Idlib operation. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they abandoned their precious “FSA” buddies and continued to caress the Russian bear, since the Syrian war is now over and the EU needs Eurasian money to offset America’s economic blackmailing.

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In the end, Syria will have the last laugh anyway, since the quality of life in France plunges further with every passing day (food prices are the highest they’ve been in 10 years, French TV reports). The White Helmets were evacuated and will probably come to France and further drain the welfare budget. The boomerang always returns to sender. The Ukrainian one is fast approaching – the launch of Nord Stream-2 will be the first instalment, and there is a real danger that the West’s logic of “Russian aggression” in Ukraine/Donbass can also be used by Russia to formulate the concept of “Western aggression” in Syria. That’s perhaps why the EU doesn’t want to be involved in Syria for too long, and now suddenly is interested in jointly rebuilding the decimated Levant territory with Moscow…

A fitting way to end this article would be to connect it the July 22nd’s edition of Le Parisien newspaper:

I.e., the reason why France is worried about Russian State media’s popularity is because if people start to become inquisitive and start reading/watching a different perspective of the Syrian war, Élysée Palace will be in deep trouble. It is perhaps for this reason that Paris still hasn’t given RT the green light to broadcast nationwide, from Bataclan to the Nice promenade, and why Macron refuses to accredit RT’s journalists for official events. Videos like the one below act like a digital “Kinzhal” into the heart of the “civilised” Anglo-Saxon beast.

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