How I Was a Victim of Electronic Warfare

Now I will tell you a “terrible” Friday story about how I became the innocent victim of modern means of electronic warfare: well, and at the same time we will try to see the same situation through the “eyes” of the American Tomahawk cruise missile.

The theme of the post is inspired by the alarmist comments of some comrades about how it will be difficult, hard, and painful for Russia in case our positions are attacked by 1,000 cruise missiles travelling towards one air defence position area.

“I beg you, please don’t make me go to that model!”

Spoiler: the “axes” will lose regardless of quantity.

So, in the yard it was a warm July day of this year. I was at work and during a break between meetings I commented on something in our beloved cosy place (i.e. this blog).

Suddenly my attention was drawn by people who went towards each other with phones and very animatedly showed something to each other. I overheard them talking about some problems with GPS.

As it became clear, one of the colleagues decided to reserve for himself a car-sharing car, but as soon as he logged into the application and activated the GPS, he found out that… all the car-sharing cars are located exactly in the middle of a runway of Sheremetyevo Airport.

Not only that – judging by the GPS data, he himself is there.

When I also opened the car-sharing application, I saw what the local map was showing: about 2,000-3,000 car-sharing cars accumulated directly on the runway of Sheremetyevo, and I was hanging out somewhere near the middle marker. In the same place there was a good 1,000 taxi cars, judging by the data of another mobile application.

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Similar results were received also by all other colleagues who we questioned. They were all were in Sheremetyevo.

In fact, of course, neither we nor the car-sharing cars were present there. We lit up the area of Moscow City with our bright faces, from a window the Third Ring Road, Kutuzovsky Avenue, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the “Ukraina” hotel, Poklonnaya Hill, etc were visible.

A certain means of electronic warfare had killed the signals of GPS satellites, delivering false location data to all consumers within the radius of action.

Then about half an hour later everything returned back to normal, and the GPS began to show our location reasonably accurately.

Now we will imagine a hypothetical situation – that an American “Tikonderoga” class cruiser approached across the Mediterranean Sea to Cyprus, and from there launched 100 Tomahawk missiles to the positional area of “Tartus”, where similar means of electronic warfare are established.

Instead of shooting these missiles at one “Panstir”, means of electronic warfare gave them false location data about themselves and their target. Their target moved somewhere from Tartus to the area of Cyprus where, owing to a combination of circumstances, there is… the same “Tikonderoga” cruiser that fired them…

But a missile is not a person. Without GPS it can’t understand where it really is.

Yes, it has an inertial guidance system, which such a version of electronic warfare can’t hinder. But it will only turn on if the GPS signal is suddenly gone. But there IS SIGNAL! It’s just that it’s transmitting outright garbage.

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Moreover, the garbage is adjusted by the operator, for who there are boundless opportunities for online hacking. As a reminder, electronic warfare moved a mass of people and car-sharing cars from completely different places to precisely the center of a Sheremetyevo runway. I.e., the flying pack of “axes” can be retargeted by the operator of electronic warfare at least to the cruiser itself, at least to the base of the “moderate opposition”, at least to the RAF base in Akrotiri… Let them figure out who bombed this object with “Tomahawks”.

And all of this, you know, is somehow encouraging.

Because some permit themselves to fly around here…

“Fill a full tank! We still have a bunch of countries to drop democracy on!” (text on tank: “Lies”; Tony Blair and George Bush are the pilots)


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