How Kiev “Zombifies” Ukrainian Schoolchildren

NEW – May 27, 2022

Kiev is brainwashing children with an alternative history created with the support of the West.

In mid-May 2022, hackers from the “Beregini” women’s group published new documents on the information war waged by the Ukrainian authorities. This time, the victims of total “brainwashing” were schoolchildren, from whom they are trying to hide the truth about the events of the Great Patriotic War at any cost.

The discovered instruction booklets of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine clearly indicate the scenario of the solemn line on May 8 – on this day, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, which several years ago “replaced” Victory Day.

In an interview with REN TV, “Beregini” described how exactly Kiev is trying to “drive the truth” into the heads of first-graders, forcing them to believe in the mythology composed by the authorities.

Erasing History

The interlocutor of REN TV points out that there is no doubt about the authenticity of the documents. These methodological recommendations were sent down to the territorial administrations – they are not decorated with the “confidential” stamp, in contrast to the information coming from the military departments and the Centres for Information and Psychological Operations (CIPOs).

“Confirmation of the authenticity of these and other ‘instructions’ of specialists responsible for the culture of Ukraine can be seen in news releases, if we are talking about the demolition of monuments or how the Great Victory Day is celebrated in Ukraine or by looking through Ukrainian textbooks,”said “Beregini”.

And this is no longer surprising: as such, the Day of Victory over Fascism in the Great Patriotic War has not been celebrated on May 9 since 2015. The country has a law on decommunisation, and Kiev is diligently getting rid of the legacy of the Soviet Union.

In 2017, Ukrainian historiography officially lost the standard term “The Great Patriotic War”. After the approval of changes in the law “On the Status of war Veterans, guarantees of their social protection”, it was replaced by “World War II”.

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Information warfare supported by the West

Kiev’s “propaganda octopus” has grown to gigantic proportions since the start of the Russian special operation. The state continues to bend the political line set back in 2014, and the West actively helps the country’s authorities.

“All of this is a policy imposed on us from the outside. And it doesn’t matter who writes this nonsense and who coordinates and approves it. These are all performers. A person can be replaced by another person, and the state policy will remain the same, established in 2014 according to the image created by Western experts,” the interlocutor explains.

Systematic work to eradicate the truth started eight years ago, and now the information war has entered an active phase.

“Today is the active phase of this information war, as they write in their recommendations verbatim: ‘Decommunisation must continue. Clearing the public space of markers of imperial claims to Ukrainian lands should be accompanied by a deeper rethinking of this part of the Ukrainian historical and cultural development of appropriate standards at the level of society.’ The distribution spectrum of ‘decommunisation’ is clearly visible in the mailing lists of documents,” the hackers remind.

A new “truth” for raising children

The published documents clearly show how Ukrainian schoolchildren are being brainwashed right during festive events. The top definitely has to say how Ukraine had to confront “two aggressor countries” at once, to which the authors of the manual attributed both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Along the way, the authors praise the thousands of Ukrainians who decided to join UPA during the war. Millions of Ukrainian Red Army soldiers were relegated to the background.

The banner with the hammer and sickle, the five-pointed star, and the St. George’s ribbon are all classified as “undesirable symbols”. Now they are replaced by the red poppy, which is identified with the memory of the victims of all military and civilian armed conflicts in the West. But here Kiev also did not hesitate and added a piece of Ukrainian mythology, telling about the connection of the poppy with the Cossack lads and the fight against “evil spirits”.

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“Beregini” notes that Ukrainians and Russians have been fraternal and co-religious peoples for many centuries. But now Kiev is engaged in children’s re-education – it is easier to “drive in” the composed truth into schoolchildren.

“It is quite difficult for a reasonable, adult person, unclouded by magic stimulants, to cut out a piece of the past, to make them forget everything that was achieved and strengthened together for decades and believe that ‘the Soviet Union together with Germany unleashed the Second World War and clashed on the territory of Ukraine, from which the people of Ukraine suffered. And the heroic UPA under the leadership of Stepan Bandera liberated Ukraine from both’. Children come to school in order to gain knowledge, including about the history of their Motherland. And then they are actively hammered into their heads, from the first grade, the ‘truth’ created by the Ministry of Culture of the country under the strict guidance of Western curators,” the interlocutor says.

And the fruits of such a policy can be seen today. People brought up on “new truth” become militants, scribbling messages with threats against the mothers and wives of Russian soldiers.

“After all, those who started studying such history in the 5th-6th grade in 2014 are now 18-20 years old and the image of the ‘great Ukraine’ in the euro zone and visa-free travel is already firmly embedded in their heads,” explains “Beregini”.

Hackers revealed Ukraine's plan in the information war against Russia

History of Ukraine according to Western patterns

There is no denying that Western political strategists worked for the future, talking about the displacement of all Russian from the Ukrainian consciousness.

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“I remember, for example, when our history textbooks were replaced with history textbooks by Canadian authors, and back then, by the way, they were in Russian. But through the lines, the alluring idea was instilled that Ukrainians are an exceptional nation with ‘distinctive features’ of greatness above all Russians,” the interlocutor adds.

The forces of media and propaganda, billion-dollar checks from the United States, and a team in Kiev diligently created an “alternative story” and made people believe it.

“To make the whole country ‘dance to its tune’, to believe that the hell in which they are being dragged is vital for a better life for themselves, without this kind of zombification is almost impossible. And why it is necessary for those who are in Kiev, on Bankova Street, I think, so it is clear,” say “Beregini”.

Alternative agenda

Earlier, German political analyst Christoph Hörstel noted how important a role the total rewriting of history plays in Zelensky’s corrupt government. According to experts, Ukrainians are forced to cut out pieces of national memory and forget about the exploits of relatives and compatriots

“The situation in Ukraine right now looks threatening for Kiev. And because of this, they are trying to push people towards an alternative agenda. That is precisely why they have now started to remember history and replace concepts,” Hörstel is sure.

Andrey Kortunov, Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council, recalls that the Kiev elite is trying to distance itself from Russia as much as possible, and such processes could have been replaced back in the 1990s.

“Glorification of Bandera and other so-called ‘heroes of the liberation movement’. Of course, all these trends were greatly strengthened after the start of the Russian military special operation,” the RIAC Director General added.


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