How Maidanists Were Ready to Murder “Berkut” Officers Along With Their Families in Kiev

According to an eyewitness, the building had a cordon around it for several days.

In March 2014 the small-family hostel “Berkut” was sealed off in the Goloseevsky district of Kiev. The families of “Berkut” officers were there. A witness of the events, the political observer Vladimir Karasev, spoke about what happened for several days.

“I was there, picking up my child from school. There were two Maidan activists on the roof, they were wearing the corresponding uniforms. The small family building ‘Berkut’ was encircled by frenzied fighters,” he said.

The families of “Berkut” employees along with their children barricaded themselves in this hostel. The building was cordoned off within days. According to Karasev, there could’ve been a “terrible massacre”.

“But by a happy accident they were withdrawn. They stood there, ready to destroy them [Berkut officers – ed] together with their families,” remembers the interlocutor of “Zvezda”.

He also spoke about one of the memorable episodes of the event.

“On the balcony of the second floor there was an officer of ‘Berkut’. He yelled loudly: ‘Guys, there’s no Yanukovych here, there’s our families here. The first of you who will come, I personally will tear off their head’,” said Karasev in the studio “Open Air”.

Tatyana Polukazakova

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