How Many Seconds “Kinzhal” Will Spend Flying to Different Cities in Europe

NEW – March 26, 2022

British journalists quickly decided that the Russian “Kinzhal” is able to fly to London in 5 minutes.

First, let’s check their calculations.

Various sources put forward versions that the flight range of our hypersonic missile is from 1300 to 2000 km. It should be assumed that this data is somewhat underestimated, because the real characteristics of the “Kinzhal” are not disclosed.

However, we cannot fantasise, so let’s rely on the average figure of 1500 km.

The distance from Kaliningrad to London is 1400+ km. That is, according to the flight range, the “Kinzhal” fits.

If to draw a circle with a radius of 1500 km with its centre in Kaliningrad, you will get this picture of the reach of the “Kinzhal”:

The circle is slightly flattened due to map distortions. As you can see, the affected area includes:

  • The whole of eastern Europe, including the Baltic states and Poland;
  • All of Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Balkans;
  • The most populated part of Scandinavia;
  • Half of France, Italy and Britain;
  • A small part of Turkey.

However, we also have Crimea. The 1500-kilometre zone around Sevastopol looks like this:

As we can see, Turkey is already covered entirely here. As well as almost the entire Middle East, part of Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Suez Canal, etc.

We will not consider the deployment of “Kinzhal” in Syria. Europe is already covered almost all (except Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Iceland).

This is what concerns the reach. Now about the speeds.

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They write that the speed of “Kinzhal” is about 4 km/sec. However, it is not specified whether this is the speed on all stages of the flight, or only on the final one. However, since the missile is described as “invulnerable to air defence,” it should be assumed that it maintains 4 km/s during the entire flight (at an altitude of 20 km).

Thus, “Kinzhal” will fly 1400 km from Kaliningrad to London in 350 seconds. Or almost 6 minutes. British scientists and journalists turned out to be almost right, only slightly embellishing the capabilities of the Russian miracle rocket.

Time of arrival to other European cities

Calculations will be made at the start either from Kaliningrad or from Crimea (depending on how it turns out closer):

  • Paris: 1390 km – 347 seconds (almost 6 minutes);
  • Brussels: 1150 km – 287 seconds (almost 5 minutes);
  • Prague: 650 km – 162 seconds (2 min 42 sec);
  • Berlin: 570 km – 142 seconds (2 min 22 sec);
  • Istanbul: 550 km – 130 seconds (2 min 10 sec);
  • Warsaw: 260 km – 65 seconds (1 min 5 sec);
  • Vilnius (Lithuania): 160 km – 40 seconds.

This is an unseemly situation for our sworn partners. It is especially worth paying attention to these figures to Warsaw, which is going to send troops to Ukraine.

65 seconds… You won’t even have time to go down the stairs to the bunker. And even if you do, then… What’s the point?

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